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Co-production in Tameside

Co-production is a way of working whereby decision makers, people who use services, family, carers and service providers work together to create a decision or service which works for them all. The approach is value driven and built on the principle that those who use a service are best placed to help design it.
There is no single formula for co-production but there are some key features that are present in co-production initiatives.   They:
  • define people who use services as assets with skills
  • break down the barriers between people who use services and professionals
  • build on people’s existing capabilities
  • include reciprocity (where people get something back for having done something for others) and mutuality (people working together to achieve their shared interests)
  • work with peer and personal support networks alongside professional networks
  • facilitate services by helping organisations to become agents for change rather than just being service providers.

LISTENing in Tameside is our coproduction framework that we’ve developed with our children & young people to show how we will work together with them children and young people when commissioning local services and designing individual support. 

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