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Being Active


As you adapt to your new routine building activity into your daily schedule will help break up the day, and will also boost your mood.  Moving for 30 minutes a day if you’re an adult, or 60 minutes for children will keep you feeling well.  If you are going outside remember to observe the most up to date social distancing guidelines which can be found here.

Whether you are working out at home, on the street, by yourself or with members of your own household there are plenty of resources to use, and lots of fun workouts.   Click below for inspiration.

If you are living with a long term health condition you may also want to look here for activities and advice on how to get started if you are new to moving more.

If you are planning to visit a park ensure that it’s one closest to your home and do not make unnecessary car journeys to visit one further away.  Check the following link for the most up to date information on the status of parks and playgrounds, and if signage shows that a playground or area is out of use ensure that you respect the guidance.  It is there for the safety of you and your children.  If you are visiting a park or nature reserve ensure you follow the most up to date guidance on social distancing.

If you are thinking of going for a bike ride check out the latest advice from Cycling UK.

Journeys to get essentials are better done on foot or by bike, which will help keep you active.   If you’ve already done your activity for the day, go by car if you must travel.  You should only use public transport as a last resort.