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It’s an obvious one, but staying hydrated is important to keep you feeling well as your body needs 6-8 glasses a day to function properly.  Staying home might mean you up your tea and coffee intake, or reach for fizzy drinks more often.  Click here for tips on staying hydrated and keeping the sugar and caffeine down.

If you are an older person, it’s also important to stay properly hydrated, especially if you have urinary incontinence.  Staying hydrated can help protect against urinary tract infections, constipation and poor memory and concentration.
If you feel like passing the long evenings with alcohol, beware of home measures.  They’re usually bigger than the pub’s and you’re more likely to overdo it.  Try having drink-free days, or drinking with your evening meal.   If you don’t have a bottle stopper, try getting one and making your wine last a few days.  For practical advice and apps to help on cutting back on alcohol while staying home click here.
If you need extra support to cut back, Be Well offers one to one advice.  Call 0161 716 2000 to speak to an Advisor.


If you are pregnant there’s no safe amount of alcohol to drink.  For information and advice for parents to be on how to go alcohol free, click here.

Problem Drinking

If you are concerned about yours or a loved one’s drinking behaviour local services are available to help.  Click here for more information on support.