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Good Neighbours

Now more than ever it’s important to be good neighbours.  You can help as much or as little as you feel able.  Simple gestures that show people you are thinking of them will be appreciated.  A wave at the window on your daily walk, making a picture with the kids or putting a teddy in the window for other children to spot, stepping outside on your doorstep to join the nation Carer’s clap.  It all shows that we are in this together, and we can all keep each other’s spirits up.
Remember that you need to observe social distancing, especially when helping people who are self-isolating and vulnerable.   You must make every effort to shield them from the virus, and protect yourself as well.  Full information on this can be found here.
If you’d like to be part of the co-ordinated effort, information on volunteering formally or informally can be found here.
If you are worried about someone and think they need more help than you are able to offer, and they don’t have a friend or family member to look out for them, tell them to contact the emergency help team on 0161 342 8355.  Click here for more information.

Reaching our communities

As we continue to inform our residents and workers across the borough in the best way we can of the range of information and advice available, we’re always looking for new ways in which we can reach our more hard to reach groups across Tameside.