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If you are finding isolation with your partner stressful, you are getting under each other’s feet or arguing more, click here for practical tips on keeping the peace.

Alternatively if you are getting on well, you may need to consider how you will access your usual contraception while your GP is closed.  Prescriptions for the pill may be obtained via telephone consultation/electronic prescription, but if you rely on a method that requires face to face contact there may be some changes.  Speak to your GP to discuss your options to ensure your protection doesn’t lapse.  Emergency contraception will continue to be available from pharmacies.

Domestic abuse

For information and advice from the Police and more helpline numbers click here

If you are in an abusive relationship, or are self-isolating with someone you are afraid of, government guidance is available here.

Bridges is the local support service for people living with domestic abuse.  Call on 0800 328 0967/0161 331 2552.  Email

Domestic Abuse - Getting Help In Tameside