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Worrying about the security of your job, older family members and your finances may give you sleepless nights.  Whilst worrying is a natural response to the extreme circumstances we are currently in, it is unhelpful.  Knowing everyone is facing similar difficulties and there are measures in place to support everyone as much as possible during these times, may not be enough to keep you from lying awake at night.  Here are some coping strategies to get a good night's sleep and quiet your mind when unhelpful thoughts rear up.
Keeping an eye on the news is wise as our situation changes daily, but do take breaks from screens and scrolling through news feeds to spend some time focussing on the positives.  If you need an antidote to screens and tech, think about focussing on something outside the house, like  finding ways to reconnect with nature.
It’s good to know how to filter out the unhelpful articles and myths that could make you feel more stressed or worried.  If you do want to know the real facts go to trusted sites such as these;