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Working From Home

Working from home can be great with no commute and a chance to make a decent lunch, but is can also have downsides if you don't set your stall out well.  Setting out a routine, separating work and home life, and making sure your work station is set up right will all help.  Staying connected with colleagues is vital, as it can quickly become an isolating experience which leads to low mood.  Click here for good advice on looking after your mental health while working from home.

Working from home with young children under 5

Working from home with young children might mean you have to split your attention between laptops and toddlers.  Keeping them safe from accidents while you work is vital not only for their safety but to avoid a preventable trip to A&E.  Click below for a checklist to childproof your home.
Follow Grow in Tameside on Facebook to keep linked in with local Children’s Centres.  They will be connecting local parents and sending out useful information for early years aged children over the coming weeks.
Young children will have a limited understanding of the current situation but they will notice changes in routine.  They will start to miss grandparents, family and friends from nursery and preschool in due course, and this may lead to stress.  It's important that we help young children cope by giving them clear explanations of changes and what to expect, as well as reassurance that they are going to be ok.  Click the link for advice from the World Health Organisation on how to help children cope with stress during Covid-19.
Click here for helpful storyboards with pictures to explain Coronavirus to children.


Working from home with children over 5

Working parents juggling childcare may be forced to resort to more screen time than they would usually allow.  There are good resources emerging online from the BBC and other trusted organisations to keep education on track.  Where possible try to choose these rather than letting children scroll and stumble across content, and ensure that you have parental controls set in place.
For older children who use apps and social media to stay connected to friends it’s wise to help them spot fake news that might add to any feelings of anxiety about Covid-19.  It’s vital that young adults understand the importance of not perpetuating myths by not sharing things from sources that can’t be trusted.  Click here for information on spotting fake news for young people.

If you would usually qualify for free school meals your school will still have options to obtain meals, either through collecting food packages at lunchtime, or by vouchers.  Contact your school if you are unsure how to get food, and if you are eligible but do not wish to use this let them know.
Click here to for further practical/educational resources for parents