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Councillor Brenda Warrington

Ward: Denton West Ward

Annual Report of Activities 2015/16

Participation at Council Meetings and Panels/ Outside Bodies and Partnerships

I have attended all or most of the following meetings:

• Full Council
• Executive Board
• Executive Cabinet
• Health and Wellbeing Board
• TMBC Monthly Community Safety Panel
• Tameside Adoption Panel
• Labour Group
• District Assembly
• District Assembly Community Safety
• Audit Panel Meetings
• Tameside Hospital Foundation Trust – Council of Governors
• Overview (Audit) Committee
• Denton West PACT
• Board to Board TMBC & CCG
• Shadow Single Commissioning Executive Board
• Denton Town Team
• Equality Champions
• Dignity in Care Steering Group
• Democratic Process Working Group

Any meeting that I was not able to attend was due, in the main, to other work commitments.

Participation at District Assemblies

I have attended all meetings of the Denton District Assembly during the municipal year and continue to enjoy a good a working relationship with all of the officers and staff working on behalf of the District Assembly.

During the last municipal year I have been the Lead Member responsible for Community Safety.

I have been working closely with the Police, Neighbourhood Officers, relevant Housing Associations, Councillors and TMBC Officers and staff on issues throughout the DA area.

Participation on School Governing Bodies

As an Executive Member I have been unable to sit on school governing bodies.

Constituency Work and Members Advice Surgeries

In the Denton West Ward there is a very positive approach to providing reasonable and frequent facilities for residents to have access to their elected Councillors.

Surgeries are held every Tuesday evening (with the exception of those weeks when there is a meeting of the Full Council) at the Community Centre on Hulme Road and Saturday morning surgeries are held on the first Saturday of the month at the St George’s Church Hall, Windmill Lane. These surgeries are usually well attended and are a vital link between Councillors and constituents.

Denton West Councillors organise ‘walkabouts’ within the Ward and invite residents to indicate a requirement to meet us by displaying a notice in the window. I find this exercise to be extremely useful in both affording a facility to residents and allowing us, as councillors, to note any irregularities that we observe – e.g. pavements/roads in need of repair, grot spots, etc.

During the municipal year I have attended most of the surgeries organised and all of the ‘walkabouts’ organised.

It is the policy and practice of the Denton West Councillors to distribute newsletters and information bulletins on a regular basis to all residents throughout the Ward.

I have attended several site meetings with council officers and fellow Councillors to discuss problems/issues raised by residents.

I have attended numerous residents meetings, public meetings and community events.

I attend the PACT meetings whenever possible, which I consider are a vital link between the Police, Councillors and Ward Residents. Since the introduction of Neighbourhood Policing in October 2006 and the PACT meetings, many local issues have been addressed and resolved, to the satisfaction of Residents, although the more recent reductions in the numbers of Police Officers do give cause for concern amongst residents who do not want to see a rise in crime and disorder as a consequence.

The ‘Friends of Granada Park’ continue to work very hard to access funding for use in transforming the Park. The Adult outdoor gym which was installed mid-2009 is still very popular with people from all age groups. The Granada Park bowling club has been re-formed and invites younger people to join in, tuition is available. The pavilion is now available to be fully used as changing facilities and can also be used as a venue for the clubs to meet.

‘The Friends of Thornley Park’ continue to progress. The residents involved are benefitting from advice from ‘The Friends of Granada Park’ and it is hoped that this Friends Group will have similar successes.

I have supported residents in their desire to rid their communities of anti-social behaviour and associated problems, together with addressing environmental issues.

Together with my fellow Councillors, we have supported many community groups within the Ward by donating ward monies and where possible attending functions. Denton West Ward Councillors also organise an annual Christmas event for Senior Citizens in the Ward.

Training and Development

I have attended a number of training activities throughout the year relative to the different positions and committees that I serve.

Achievements during the Year

2015–2016 has been my fourteenth year as an elected Councillor and I continue to be extremely busy.

I was appointed Executive Member for Adult Social Care and Wellbeing in May 2013; I have found this work to be very interesting and also extremely challenging, particularly in light of the significant service redesigns that Tameside Council have had to effect due to the Government cuts to Council budgets.

During 2014/15 I have been responsible for leading on the Integration of Heath & Social Care, to assist with the implementation of the Care Act 2014.

We are working closely with the Greater Manchester Health Devolution team introducing the Integrated Care Organisation and we will continue to progress with a major step of creating a single commissioning function from April 2016.

I continue to gain knowledge of the ICO and Single Commissioning day to day issues that exist within the Ward and also within Tameside as a whole. I feel that I have been able to complement and add value to the work and commitment that exists between the Labour Councillors within the Denton West Ward and also within the Denton District Assembly.