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Councillor Doreen Dickinson

Ward: Stalybridge South

Annual Report of Activities 2015/16

Participation at Council Meetings and Panels

I have attended all meetings of panels that I am on with the exception of missing one Council meeting and one Planning meeting

Participation at District Assemblies

I have missed quite a few District Assemblies, Wednesday evening is a difficult time for me to be able to attend.

I believe they are altering so perhaps they will improve because as I have said many times in these yearly reports I think they failed in their original intention which was to bring democracy to the people.

Participation on Outside Bodies and Partnerships

I am on the Greater Manchester Transport Authority

I am a Vice Chair on this Authority and I chair the Metrolink and Rail committee.

I hope while I have been in this role I have improved things for the Friends of Stations, I started having yearly get togethers, where the friends can exchange ideas and practices. Everybody enjoys the meetings and a lot of good practice comes out of them.

I also started a meeting of rail user groups so they could have an input into railway time tables, this is also working very well and the people really appreciate being consulted.

I am looking forward to working with the new franchises, they should make a vast improvement on public transport.

I chair the Ring and Ride service, this is a very interesting role and I thoroughly enjoy it.

TFGM run fringe meetings at the party conferences, I speak at the Conservative one, they are to lobby ministers for better public transport.
I also attend Parliamentary events to lobby also.

Constituency Work

I am very active in Stalybridge South Ward, there have been a few changes this year not all for the good.

Millbrook Residents Committee is still going strong, Katy the Chairman and Cathy the Secretary started a monthly Lunch club which I help out at. The food is all home cooked and delicious, the number of people that attend is growing all the time.

Copley isn’t such good news. The people that ran it did excellent work but unfortunately there were only a few people on the committee and they could not get new people interested enough, so the meetings have stopped although they are still involved but not to the same extent.

New Charter have taken over the board at Brushes, much to my disappointment because they were doing really well and turned the estate round from what it used to be into a five-star estate. What will happen now I don’t know but I will still be there helping when needed.

All the volunteers on these three estates do a wonderful job, they all give up their free time to improve the area they live in.

I go regularly to Police and community meetings with the local PC Tony Lawton. Stalybridge South have some really good home watch committees, again these people do this voluntarily and do a wonderful job, between Tony the home watch teams and Councillors working together many criminals have been arrested.

I visit people in their homes to give advice, I do a tour of the ward once a week to see what needs doing and also arrange litter picks where needed.

I have dealt with 478 complaints this year.

Members Advice Surgeries

I have held regular monthly surgeries throughout the year. Very few people attend because they know that if they need me they only have to phone or write and I reply immediately.

The three ward councillors are going to try a new format this year, to see if it helps more people.

Training and Development

I have attended various training courses throughout the year.

Achievements during the Year

The biggest achievement was getting the alley gating scheme for Churchbank. The residents, Police and myself all worked hard to close this walkway and the result has been fantastic, these residents now live in peace where before the lived in fear as to what would happen next.

It is really general achievements, seeing pot holes filled in, places tidied up, making sure people are happy with the area they live in.

I would love to be able to provide a skate park and play area in the ward but we don’t control the Council and things are tough financially.

Any other comments

I am Deputy Chair of Stalybridge and Hyde Conservative party. I attend these meetings and also Ward branch meetings.