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Councillor Frank Travis

Ward: Mossley

Annual Report of Activities 2015/16

Participation at Council Meetings and Panels

I have attended all full Council meetings during the year and spoke on motions to the Council. This allowed me to demonstrate a commitment and provide a backing to areas where the Council has been particularly keen to highlight issues around the declining resources and vulnerability in our communities. In addition I have recorded views on the need to invest in the borough, to help reduce inequalities and to provide a positive image for the borough to achieve growth for the economy and the future of young people.

I have attended and supported the work of the Place Scrutiny Panel in continuing the review of the Empty Homes Strategy, mentioned in last year’s report. Sadly this initiative has slowed to a near stop due to changes in funding. The Panel also looked Grounds Maintenance and how the financial restrictions had made radical change necessary. Although some services have inevitably been reduced it was demonstrated that changes to operating methods had been very successful and had brought in new thinking and a great deal of staff commitment to the need to change.

The work of the Panel demonstrated the need to examine the skill levels and performance of the demographics of the borough against other benchmarks, locally, regionally and nationally, which sets an understanding of the boroughs place in the socio economic scale and indicates not only change but where we need to invest in wellbeing, work and skills outcomes for the future.

We also started the review/scoping process for environment al protections and control and to look at the impact of change for the people of Tameside. Early reports again show innovation in this area but sets standards which will need to be monitored over time as more potential cuts could change entirely the effective regulation of the sectors involved. This is a traditional area of council activity which goes back to the roots of local authorities in their duties for public protection.

I have also attended and taken an active part in the Taxi and Private Hire Licensing Panel.

Participation at District Assemblies

I have attended all but one Stalybridge and Mossley District Assemblies and taken an active part in the proceedings. I have been able to explain on issues and praise and thank those who have contributed to public and community life. These Assemblies are now finished and will be replaced by new community “forums” or in a name to be determined. I will lead on this in Mossley and plan to set up a robust organisation based on group similarities.

Participation on Outside Bodies and Partnerships

I do not represent the Council on standing bodies or partnerships but I have acted to support two areas of interest to the Council in which I have particular interest and being a Councillor has enable me to not only spend more time but to be an advocate and leader in change.

These are the credit union movement through Chairing Cash Box Credit Union which is supported by the Council and has made a considerable difference to the financial sustainability of over 400 families in Tameside and with 250 of those with small loans which would have either been unavailable or at very high interest.

This organisation is now in a much better place in terms of compliance, organisational structure and professional outcomes for the members.

I have been intensely involved with the development of the Armed Forces Covenant within Tameside and have taken a very proactive and hands on approach in the creation of TASC (Tameside Armed Services Community) which is set to be a partner of the Council, independent but fulfilling an arms length role around all things services and related community activities in the borough, including the ability to support Armed Forces Day and a whole range of inter generational activities. I am Chair of Ashton Branch, Royal British Legion and I am setting a local agenda for change and relevance linked to the Covenant work above.

Constituency Work

I have been supportive on a range of subjects to families on subjects as diverse as noise nuisance, family problems, planning and regulatory functions.

It has been part of my agenda to support the formation of community groups which are established and those who exist for small, short term projects. There are several of these with great potential for the coming year.

Members Advice Surgeries

It proved to difficult to attract people to these and a new surgery was proposed near Hey Farm Estate but this then proved to be unpopular.

Mostly the interaction with the public has been on roving surgeries, where at least 500 doors have been approached.

The new municipal year will see this revisited in two ways; with the police; and through the new community “forums”

Training and Development

I have attended most of the council in service courses from Dementia awareness to finance and radicalisation. I found the ones around the innovative work to integrate health and care services particularly good and pioneering. I have attended recently through the Royal British Legion an event aimed at ex servicemen and women around coping with Dementia, the content of which was informative for all sections of society.

Achievements during the Year

I think that three are particulary important.

1. The transformation of Cash Box CU. with a massive commitment from the board members, into a fit for purpose modern financial cooperative.

2. The creation of TASC as a cutting edge facility for the sector, which is becoming recognised as a leader in its field.

3. The developing concept of the yet to be named forum for Mossley which will change not only the voice of the groups here but how they operate and serve their meters in a wider and collaborative and cooperative setting.