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Councillor Janet Cooper

Ward: Longdendale

Annual Report of Activities 2015/16

I have attended all but one council meeting during the past year and as many sub committees and community meeting and gatherings as time has allowed.

This has been another tough year with another round of cuts to contend with on top of the previous years, the impact on the Council and its officers and our wider community has been massive and there are still more to implement.

This year I became a member of the Local Government Pensions Board – the training from the board has been excellent and will be ongoing in the future. One of the major strengths and advantages of this well run establishment is the stability of the fund even in these difficult times.

I am still a member of the Carbon Reduction Panel, one of its biggest achievements this year has been the significant reduction of waste going into landfill with the roll out of the bin swap over the whole of the borough. Insulating hard to heat homes and other money and energy saving measures were on our agenda.

I also sit as a member of the People Scrutiny Panel; we have this year looked at in depth Child Sexual Exploitation, school readiness and Homelessness and made several recommendations to the Executive to take to board.

The Werneth Low Joint Committee on which I sit continues to look after and monitor the stewardship of the park with Council officers and a dedicated band of volunteers, this area is a great asset to our community and a well-loved and used resource.

Work continues in conjunction with Councillors and cross party Members of Parliament and the local siege committee to alleviate the traffic that blights our area and our daily lives.

The Hub remains for me and local community groups a sticking point with nowhere near its full potential being reached, but we now have a steering group looking at this issue so hopefully progress will be made

I have had regular meeting with local church leaders and have worked with them on several local issues.

The District Assemblies held over the past year have been a mixture of good and well attended to almost unsupported.

Constituency work continues to be heavy, varied and complex; the bedroom tax is still blighting people’s lives, our local outreach CAB based at the hub is working at full capacity. The local foodbank is feeding more and more families and the Hollingworth one is getting busier, the generosity of people who donate when I have been involved in a collection is amazing, the fact that we need foodbanks in this day and age enrages me.

I continue with my colleagues to hold regular surgeries in the ward and also small meeting with local groups to deal with issues that only appertain to their area of the ward. I have regular meeting with our local social housing provider.

I have supported many local groups and helped them with access to funding via the Council or in the wider community, helped local groups build up a relationship with the Council to take on ownership and stewardship of some buildings and areas within the ward.

Jumble sales, tea parties, table top sales, coffee morning, craft fairs, duck races, and many more events, all feature regularly in my diary.

The Council training and development sessions are held regularly and with lots of input from Elected Members as to what training they feel they need more of, this makes sure we keep up to date and fully aware of changing legislation.

This year I have been given the honour of being asked to represent the Council as Deputy Mayor.