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Councillor Lorraine Whitehead

Ward: Ashton-under-Lyne Waterloo

Annual Report of Activities 2015/16

Participation at Council Meetings and Panels

Attended Statutory and external partners scrutiny Panel. 11/6/2015
Attended People Scrutiny Panel. 16/6/2015
Attended Full Council. 14/7/2015
Attended Statutory and external partners scrutiny panel. 30/7/2015
Attended People Scrutiny panel. 4/8/2015
Attended Statutory and external partners scrutiny panel.17/9/2015
Attended Full Council 29/9/2015
Attended scrutiny working. 6/10/2015
Attended Equality Champions Group 12/10/2015
Attended Scrutiny working group 13/10/2015
Attended Statutory and external partners scrutiny panel 12/11/2015
Attended Equality Champions Group 2/12/2015
Attended Full Council 8/12/2015
Attended Scrutiny panel working group 15/12/2015
Attended Scrutiny Panel member briefing 14/1/2016
Attended speakers Panel 20/1/2016
Attended full special council 21/1/2016
Attended Elected members development forum 25/1/2016
Attended full council 23/2/2016
Attended Equality Champions group 9/3/2016
Attended Scrutiny panel meeting 17/3/2016
Attended Scrutiny panel meeting 22/3/2016
Attended Scrutiny Panel Working Group on food poverty 7/4/2016
Attended Scrutiny food poverty working group 14/4/2016

Participation at District Assemblies

Attended District Assembly 1/7/2015
Attended District Assembly 30/9/2015
Attended District Assembly 18/11/2014
Attended District Assembly 2/3/2016

Participation on outside bodies and partnerships

Chair of Richmond Street Community Center Committee.
Member of the Waterloo forum
Acting Secretary Waterloo Ward
Member of The Friends of Waterloo

Constituency Work

I have undertaken numerous amounts of case work in my first year as
a Councillor in Waterloo. I am happy to say most with successful
outcomes. I particularly enjoy this aspect of my work because there
are many constituents who need help and when I am able to alleviate
their worries it's very gratifying. It can also be frustrating at times
when you cannot get a fully positive outcome, but I find that a kind
word and a shoulder to cry on can in some cases help to alleviate
some of the stresses felt by people with problems. If I cannot help I
always try to signpost people to someone who can.

I also attend a Police and Community team meeting once a month.
We have an excellent team in Waterloo effective in identifying
problems in the Ward quickly so they can be dealt with efficiently. We
have Days of action where we patrol the ward with the police and
New Charter helping to identify problem areas within the ward.

We also have a Friends of Waterloo meeting once a month where we
can discuss and arrange upcoming events.

I am also the Chair of the New Richmond Street Community Centre
due to open in Summer and will be instrumental in helping to
encourage residents groups to use our centre. We already have a
preliminary booking for an exercise class, and there will be an open
day soon.

We also have a "Let's get Crafty " morning which is proving very
popular. People come along on Friday mornings to knit and natter and
partake in other craft activities. It has been shown that craft activities
help to alleviate mental health problems and group activities are
great at combating loneliness and help prevent isolation.

I have helped to arrange and run many events this year these include:
Bark in the Park dog show.
Waterloo 200 Fun Day.
Halloween Party.
Burns Lunch. (For The Elderly)
Easter Fun Day.
Children's Christmas Party.

Members Advice Surgeries

We hold a joint Surgery every Friday Morning 10 till 12 at Store Street
Community Centre Waterloo. We are hoping to alternate between
this building and the new Richmond Street Community centre as soon
as it is up and running.

Training and Development

Attended new members induction course. 11/5/2015
Attended Mental Health Awareness course. 12/5/2015
Attended new members induction course. 18/5/2015
Attended new members induction course. 26/5/2015
Attended new members induction course. 1/6/2015
Attended Mental Health awareness course. 17/6/2015
Attended Elected Members Development session. Re Bin Swap.
Attended Dementia Friends Session at Joseph Jennings Court.
Attended Elected Members development session. Re Budget update .
Attended briefing on the new Ashton interchange. 13/8/2015
Attended Elected Members Development Session. 27/8/2015
Attended Elected Members Development Session. 26/10/2015
Attended spatial Framework briefing. 11/11/2015
Attended Launch of New Tameside Drug and Alcohol recovery service.
Attended Steps to stay Safe event. Waterloo Methodist Church.
Attended Elected Members development Forum. 25/1/2016
Attended Elected members Development Session.28/1/2016
Attended Elected Members Development Session. 25/2/2016
Attended Elected Members Development Session. 21/3/2016

Achievements During the year

I feel that I have achieved many things during my first year as a

I was honored to be asked to become the Chair of the new Richmond
Street Community centre committee.

I successfully Spearheaded the campaign to Save Ashton Pools from
closure, A cause very close to my heart.

I am proud to have helped many constituents by helping them with
their problems. Many with successful outcomes.

I have passed my Mental health awareness level 2 course.

I am also proud to be a Dementia Friend.

One of my personal favourites is that I became one of Santa's helpers
and ran around with him and the rotary club collecting money for
good causes.