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Councillor Margaret Sidebottom

Ward: Ashton-under-Lyne St Michael's

Annual Report of Activities 2015/2016

My Sixteenth year has come to an end and as usual it has been a very busy one. I was re-elected again4 years ago to stand in St Michael’s Ward and thank you everyone who has again put their faith in me to look after all who live and work in the Ward and in Tameside. I am always available to anyone who wants to contact me and also to go and visit those who are in need.

We hold 1 surgery per month as advertised on the Tameside website. I and my fellow Councilor’s attend 4 residents meetings per month in which any resident can come along and air their views and bring along any complaint they have.

I still stand by what I have written in the past that a Councillor has many roles which involve the community not just politicians:
• A politician - work done in Wards and as a delegate
• A policy maker - work done in Council and at Council meetings
• A manager - getting Best Value, performance standards, contracting service providers
• A negotiator - in disputes with traders, planning and unions
• A carer - sitting with the elderly and housebound people having a chat about their problems and doing some shopping for them or taking them to hospital
• An equaliser - making sure that everyone has the same rights and status, and are free from discrimination or disadvantage

I will also add to that list good time management and the quality of assistance I have received from my fellow Councillors, officers, the Cabinet Team, the Member Services Team and the Democratic Services Team (we couldn't do without all of them). I would also like to add the Police, Patrollers, PCSOs and the community and all our partners.

I now have the pleasure of writing my Sixteenth Annual Report, which consists of all the meetings and training sessions, events and conferences I have attended throughout the year. As I am no longer a Cabinet Secretary so my meetings have gotten smaller but my commitment remains as high.

Participation on Outside Bodies

• I am now Chair of the Elected Member Older Peoples Champions Network North West
• I am Chair of the Friends of Cedar Park and have attended meetings
• I am a member of the Statutory and External Partners Scrutiny Panel
Participation in the Community
• I have helped at School Fêtes and go to any presentations
• I also attend school presentations and school productions
• I attended the Great Fun day at Cedar Park
• I attend the Diwali celebrations
• I attended the Pets Service at St Peters Church during which my husband released all his pigeons
• I attended the Tameside Elders Association Group when invited
• I attended the Khush Amdid Day Centre when invited
• I have also attended residents association meetings
• I also attended Home Watch meetings
• I am also involved with the Churches
• I am also involved with Youth Clubs
• I support Fair Trade and fund raise for numerous charities
• I also also visit people in their homes and if need be take them shopping
• I also visit any of my constituents if I know they have gone into hospital
• I do site visits with my constituents to look at their complaints
• I also hold public meetings when required
• I also attend the Disability Forum
• I am Chair of The Freedom Club a Disabled Group open to all Disabilities

I am available to my constituents day and night by fax, phone and e-mail.

Positions in Council

• I am a member of the Taxi Licensing Committee
• I am Vice Chair of the Liquor Licensing Committee

• I am still a member of the North West Older Peoples Champions Network and Chair of the Executive Committee
• District Assembly - I have attended the meetings
• I have also attended meetings with unions
• I have also attended youth issues meetings
• I have also attended Full Council meetings
• I have also attended the Labour Group meetings
• I have also attended youth issues meetings
• I have also attended Full Council Meetings
• I have also attended the Labour Group Meetings

Participation in Training

I have also had the following training sessions:
• Health and Safety
• Corporate update on Council Matters
• Licensing Training
• ICT Training
• I have also attended Budget Training

Participation in the Labour Party

• I have attended Ward meetings and given Verbal reports
• I am Secretary of the Ward
• I am a member of the Women's Forum
• I am a delegate to the Constitutional Labour Party
• I am a delegate to the LGC - Local Government Committee
• I am a Member Of The Co-op Labour Party
• I am Deputy Chair of the Labour Group and Group Executive

Any other comments

I have met a lot of fantastic people throughout the year; I would like to thank all those who have supported me this year as well as my family as I have been really ill so thank you with all my heart for your help and understanding. I would also like to thank all those groups of people who give their time and commitment to helping and working for the people of Tameside. They all deserve every credit for the work they do in the community.

 I look forward to the challenge of new opportunities, and to continue to provide a service for the Community and any forthcoming issues at ward level and in the community.

We have all worked hard together to make St Michael’s Ward and Tameside a better place to live. The Police have been working alongside the PCSOs and the Patrollers in different operations all over St Michaels. We have also gained two new Police Community Volunteers who are working alongside the Neighborhood Team. We are still monitoring burglaries, drug misuse dog fouling, mini motor bikes etc. every month we see the stats going down on certain things but we must make sure that everyone knows about distraction burglary, acquisitive crime and bogus callers. We have to make sure that you don’t leave your windows open and doors unlocked so please be very careful, if you need advice contact your Neighborhood Team or your Ward Councillors.

I have also worked with Schools, the Community and Churches to do clean up days around the area where everyone had a litter picker and a black bin bag and spent a few hours making the area cleaner.

I have also worked with other partners and colleagues in doing clean ups in the Ward.

I have also had Public meetings on different issues in the Ward including parking, traffic management and planning issues. If anyone in the Ward needs advice please come to my Surgeries which are now advertised on the Tameside Public website.

Cedar Park hold a youth club on a Friday night so do come along and join the fun.

We have a Friends of Cedar Park Group that I chair, we meet on every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 9.30am if you have any good ideas and care about your park please come along to the meeting in the Youth pavilion.

I am very pleased to say that we now have a small cenotaph in Cockbrook where on Armistice Day we can place our poppy wreaths please join us if you can.

I am also the Secretary of The Freedom Club a club for people with mild to severe disabilities we meet every Friday at Loxley House, Birch Lane, and Dukinfield 10am till 2.30pm please phone me if you would like to join the Freedom Club Family 07812 520 192.