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Councillor Michael Smith

Ward: Denton West

Annual Report of Activities 2015/16

Participation at Council Meetings and Panels

I have attended all meetings of Full Council this municipal year.

This Municipal Year has been one of new challenges and further development. I have continued my role as an Assistant Executive Member for Policy. This has meant working closely with the Executive Leader and Cabinet Members in formulating Council policy and priorities during this difficult economic period. This is both ongoing and challenging.

Part of my role as an Assistant Executive Member was to sit on the Employment Tribunal Panel. This panel ensures that set criteria and council procedure has been followed.

I also sit on the Standards Board whose job it is to make sure the Council complies with all parts of standards within the Council or in public life.

I was also made Deputy Chair of the Greater Manchester Pension Fund. This is the largest pension fund in the country and has been built up over many years of careful planning and judgment I am attending training in this area as it is vital that peoples pensions are protected.

This year, I completed training in the fundementals of pension administration.

Participation at District Assemblies

I have continued to be a Member of the Denton District Assembly and attended all the meetings in this municipal year.

Participation on Outside Bodies and Partnerships

I have represented the Authority on the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority, where I have been a Member of the Audit and Scrutiny Panel. This has been a very busy year but also a very enjoyable one which has enabled me to become familiar with how the GM Fire and Rescue Service operates. These are challenging times and we are planning our way through this period and continuing to safeguard the people of Greater Manchester

Constituency Work

I have dealt with a large number of cases during the year to help and offer advice to constituents in my Ward and I have continued to work closely with our MP on constituency matters.

I have held numerous meetings with the Town Manager and Council Officers and have conducted several site visits to clarify areas of concern, always feeding back to residents.

The Denton West Labour Councillors also put out regular newsletters to keep residents up to date with local issues and surveys and acted on residents concerns.

I have attended many residents meetings, public meetings and community events. We have also written to the entire Ward with a survey and conducted several walkabouts.

Members Advice Surgeries

I believe it is important for local Councillors to always be available to the Electorate. With my Ward colleagues, I have continued to hold weekend surgeries at either St George’s Centre in Dane Bank or at Greswell Primary School every Saturday.

We have also conducted evening surgeries at Denton West Community Centre every Tuesday, unless it coincides with Full Council. The surgeries continue to be well attended and are vital in providing a link between the Council and the community. We have also set up links with many residents groups.

I have been proud to represent the people of Denton West on Tameside Council throughout the year and with their continued support I hope to carry on working for them for many years to come.

Achievements during the Year

I have had a very busy year once again returning the Christmas Tree to Thornley Park, continued in raising funding for Thornley Park and Granada Park, completing several outstanding road programmes, setting up cold calling areas and successfully completing residents concerns and always being available and also continued St. George’s Day celebrations in the Ward and defending local Green Space from development.

This year we had a major challenge, due to the Government cuts the Council took the decision to close a library in each area, resulting in the closure of Denton West Library. We quickly let local people know the circumstances and after many meetings we formed a friends group who we supported to save the library and reopen as a community library which is now moving forward and who we will continue to support fully, a real testament to local people and members coming together to overcome present difficult times. We continue to support the community library.

We also completed our annual senior citizen Christmas party which again was a great success which all involved really enjoyed and is now an annual event.
I, along with my Ward colleagues, pledge to speak to as many residents as possible in the forthcoming year and will always make myself available for help and advice within Denton West.