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Councillor Oliver Ryan

Ward: Audenshaw

Annual Report of Activities 2015/16

Participation at Council Meetings and Panels

I have actively participated in all attended Council meetings and the Council holds my full attendance figures. Speaking on behalf of residents in the Council Chamber at every full Council meeting since May 2014 has been a pleasure and working with Councillors Smith & Bailey, I now feel Audenshaw's voice is being heard - and listened to.

In addition to my ward and council duties I sit on and attend two council scrutiny committees, as well as the Carbon Waste Reduction Panel, I often reference Audenshaw based projects or community groups when contributing to the meeting and have seized the opportunity to represent Audenshaw residents in every available Council forum. Using my role as a Councillor to stand with residents and their concerns at several planning application meetings has achieved real change in our town of Audenshaw, I look forward to continuing my proactive approach to Audenshaw's building and planning.

Participation at District Assemblies

District Assembly's - along with ward surgeries - are a great opportunity to speak to your three Audenshaw councillors face to face, raise concerns you may have and get an update on community and council activity in our town. I continue to look forward to District Assembly's and feel I actively participate in every meeting, especially as they are held locally in Audenshaw and Droylsden and can be found on the council website, though I would always encourage more Audenshaw attendance.
With District Assemblies being replaced by other bodies, I hope Audenshaw residents remain enthusiastically involved in town affairs and continue to work with Councillors Bailey, Smith and myself in improving Audenshaw.

Participation on Outside Bodies and Partnerships

I do not currently sit on any council appointed outside bodies or partnerships, though I attend as many community group, Home Watch and Friends Of group meetings as possible.

Participation on School Governing Bodies

I do not currently sit on any School governing body.

Constituency Work

Over the past year, my second on the council, I have been contacted by a great many residents right across Audenshaw and feel I have proactively pursued any casework issues raised with me.

In addition Councillors Smith, Bailey and I regularly keep contact over our progress on resident casework to ensure we can achieve the best outcome for Audenshaw - something that may require joint lobbying by the three of us on occasion.

I will continue to quickly and comprehensively deal with any casework or ward issues raised with me and am always available over e-mail or over the telephone, both of which can be found on the council website.

Members Advice Surgeries

I have regularly held joint advice surgeries with Councillors Smith and Bailey, we move these around Audenshaw and also conduct walking surgeries several times a year.

In addition, with our attendance at numerous community events we continue to receive casework and resident comments.

Training and Development

I have attended quite a number of Councillor training sessions, the sessions are conducted usually outside of normal working hours so I've taken every opportunity available to gain a different perspective on local issues or share Audenshaw best practice.

I look forward to continuing my attendance to these helpful training sessions.

Achievements during the Year

I have achieved, or helped in, many local successes along with Councillors Smith and Bailey, certainly around the setting up of lots of new community groups as a result of Audenshaw Councillors input, support and work - community groups which I feel will improve the area and community greatly. Furthermore we have secured investment into Audenshaw's parks, investment in Audenshaw's roads and refuse collection and also ensured Audenshaw got its fair share of 'Big Tidy Up' funding - cleaning our street furniture, painting our railings and bridges and clearing up our grot-spots.

Any other comments

I look forward to continuing to work with Audenshaw's residents, community groups, officers and alike in achieving the best deal for our town and will continue to be a vocal advocate for Audenshaw in Council.

In addition to keeping in regular contact with leaflets, telephone calls and doorknocking Councillors Smith, Bailey and I have taken to social media and through our 'Audenshaw Labour' Facebook and Twitter have been contacted by many residents.

I want to again thank Audenshaw residents and voters who elected me in 2014 for the opportunity to represent my home town - another great year for Audenshaw.