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Councillor Vincent Ricci

Ward: Denton North East

Annual Report of Activities 2015/16

Participation at Council Meetings and Panels

I have attended all Full Council meetings during this municipal year and have continued to serve on the Speakers Panel (Planning), where planning and highways matters are discussed/considered for approval.

I have also served on the Overview (Audit) Panel which provides dialogue between the Executive and Scrutiny and overviews the Council’s budget and service delivery. I hold the position of Chair of this Panel and I have attended all meetings, in addition to briefings and interviews carried out in this capacity.

Participation at District Assemblies

I have attended all meetings of the Denton District Assembly in this municipal year. It has proved an excellent forum for giving local people an opportunity to raise areas of concern.
Participation on Outside Bodies and Partnerships
• Member of the Greater Manchester Pension Fund Management Panel.
• Member of New Charter Homes
• Member of Denton Town Team Executive

Constituency Work

• Homewatch meetings – I continue to be involved Broomfields Residents Association. Joint meetings are held with the Police and local residents regarding issues of concern, including environmental improvements and crime prevention matters.
• I continue to report monthly to the Ward about ongoing work and developments in the area and to discuss any issues of concern.
• I attend District Labour Party meetings
• I attend Constituency Labour Party meetings

Members Advice Surgeries

I hold an advice surgery on the last Thursday of each month alongside our very popular luncheon club for local residents and I continue to ensure that I deal promptly with all issues of concern raised by residents.

Training and Development

I have attended several of the training courses offered to members as part of the Member Development programme. I have also attended seminars as a member of the Greater Manchester Pension Fund.

Achievements during the Year

This year it has been my privilege and pleasure to be the Civic Mayor of Tameside.

I have attended almost 300 engagements across the borough and have worked extremely hard to be a good ambassador for the Council and the people of Tameside.

I have worked with many charities and voluntary organisations during the course of the year and have met many wonderful, inspirational people along the way.

It has been an honour to be Civic Mayor and it is an experience I will never forget.