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Gower Hey Woods

Aerial View of Gower Hey Woods

The woodland lies on the north-western edge of Gee Cross, Hyde. It occupies a steep sided valley system covering an area of around 9 hectares.

The woodland contains a mosaic of important wildlife habitats and being close to residential areas, has a significant effect on the well-being and quality of life of the local community.


The majority of the site is secondary woodland mixed with scrub, and although it has some trees of

150 years or more in age, most are more recent. The woodland, with its oak, ash and cherry trees, is an important habitat for birds, with owls, woodpeckers and nuthatches often seen or heard. On the ground, Bluebells, for which Britain has an international responsibility, are found alongside celandine, stitchwort and foxglove. Overall the wood provides food and shelter for many animals and birds and give a stunning show of colour in the autumn.

Image of Gower Hey Woods


The stream and marsh areas within the woodland provide an excellent wetland habitat for a variety of wildlife including amphibians, invertebrates, small mammals and birds.


The woodland has several flower rich glades within it as well as a large area of old pasture adjacent. Some of the grass is kept short for picnics and informal games, but in many areas of the wood, the grassy glades are allowed to grow long, allowing plants to flourish and benefiting insects and small mammals.

Image of Gower Hey Wood Conservation Group

Gower Hey Wood Conservation Group

The group are a voluntary organisation whose aims include maintaining and improving the general environment, enhancing wildlife habitats, and providing a place of enjoyment for local people and visitors.

Working in partnership with the Council and its Countryside Ranger Service, the group meets several times a year to plan activities and share information.

If you are interested in joining the group then contact Stuart Manson on 0161 368 8883.