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Support for the vaccine programme


Could you help deliver Covid-19 vaccines? Your NHS needs you.

The Covid-19 vaccination is our best defence against the virus alongside effective social distancing, wearing a mask and hand hygiene.

The NHS across Greater Manchester is preparing extensively to be ready to deliver vaccines as soon as they become available.

As part of this they are recruiting heavily, to ensure that the NHS can continue to provide other vital services that we all rely on.

Parliament recently changed the law to allow a wider group of people to undertake training to deliver vaccines, including many allied health professionals, pharmacy and dental professionals, and healthcare scientists – as well as others with first aid qualifications who can complete appropriate training.


We are now calling on people who have experience of vaccinating or are willing to be trained, to put themselves forward to support the vital next phase in the health service’s COVID-19 response.

There will be a range of paid roles offered on a flexible basis, including outside of usual working hours to fit with your other responsibilities. Important non-clinical supporting roles will also be available. In all roles, appropriate training, supervision and PPE will be provided to ensure the safety of staff, volunteers and patients.

You may work in a variety of local settings set up to vaccinate eligible groups of people. Briefing and training on the specific Covid-19 vaccines used will be provided. 

If you want to help, then visit

In the meantime, registered vaccinators can get ahead by completing annual training now – for the e-learning visit:

Working together to protect our Tameside community during COVID-19

COVID-19, and the measures taken in response, continue to impact all of us in Tameside.
The Tameside Community Champions network empowers our residents and workforces with the information they need to lead the way in the community. Our Community Champions have a vital role to play and are well placed to act as key message carriers and to lead by good example.
To do this, the council will ensure that timely and accurate information is shared with our champions to support them to respond to and reassure the residents within their community. Armed with the latest advice and guidance, our champions can help family, friends and other community members to understand the latest facts about the virus and what we can all do in order to protect ourselves, each other, and prevent the spread of Covid.  Become a Tameside Community Champion to tackle Covid.