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Cracking Crime

While You're Moving

  • Image of people unloading boxesAlways use trusted trades people and ensure that removers and other tradespeople are members of a professional body or association. If you need to pass your keys to others, make sure that the person can be trusted and ask for the keys to be returned as soon as they have finished with them.
  • Make sure your home contents insurance covers transfers when you move and remember to update your motor registration and insurance details too.
  • Take care if you collect lots of boxes from local shops - a burglar may see this as a sign that you are moving soon. Think about leaving small valuable items, like jewellery, on deposit at the bank.
  • On the day of the move try to get your friends and neighbours to help keep an eye on your home and possessions or to help with the move. Keep all doors locked (don't forget the garage, shed or patio doors) or watched when they are not in use, such as when you have a tea break. Take special care with valuable items such as TV's and videos.
  • Make sure that your removers can secure their van and stop it from being stolen when it is left alone.  Ask the removers to take care that the door used for loading the van should not be left unguarded or unlocked when not in use.