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Cracking Crime

Vehicle Security

Image of a woman in a carLock the doors, windows, boot and sunroof whenever you leave your car, however briefly.

Consider having an immobiliser fitted to prevent your vehicle from being stolen and never leave items of value on view inside your vehicle.

Arrange to have your registration number etched on all the glass surfaces including the headlights.

Valuables on View

The Police and staff from Tameside Council's Community Safety Unit are working together to help reduce the incidence of theft from vehicles by patrolling major car parks and streets throughout the Borough to identify cars containing items of value which are clearly on view and could attract the attention of a criminal.

Details of the vehicle are taken and the owner is subsequently contacted by letter to ask him or her to play their part in preventing crime by taking valuables out of the car or securing them in the boot and out of view.

Even items of little value such as an old coat or an empty bag or purse are an invitation to a thief - he doesn't know they're worthless until he has broken a window or damaged a door lock to get at them.

Please be careful and don't make life easy for the criminal!

Garage your car at night

Many vehicle owners have access to garages which are so cluttered with household items that there is no room for the car.

Starting in January 2000, Tameside Home Watch members will be out in their communities doing their bit to help reduce car crime by popping polite 'Garage your Car' cards through the doors of houses where cars are parked at night on driveways. They will give special attention to areas where the Police know car thieves are currently operating.

If you are lucky enough to have a garage, you can do your bit by ensuring your car is garaged whenever it is at home and not being used. Make sure that the garage door is securely locked and that the car is too. If you have to park your car on the driveway, lock the gate using a sturdy padlock and take any valuables inside the house. Consider fitting an audible alarm and/or an immobiliser and arrange to have the car's registration number etched onto all glass surfaces including headlights.