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Telecare Sensors

Telecare is the name given to a new range of alarms that rely on sensors to automatically alert us to changes in your home.
In addition to the traditional pendant alarm worn around the neck and the Bogus Caller button that you activate yourself, Telecare devices use sensors to detect if someone has:-
  • Slumped out of a chair or fallen
  • Taps have been left on and there is water on the floor  
  • The temperature is too high or too low
  • There is smoke or carbon monoxide
  • Opened a door at an inappropriate time
  • Had an epileptic seizure  

Telecare devices can be used to switch on lights when you get out of bed or raise the alarm if you've been out of bed for too long. Sensors are placed in strategic places around the home and are individually programmed to trigger an alarm in our control room, via the Carephone, if things are not as they should be.

Community Response will take whatever action is necessary to ensure you are safe. This may be talking with you through the Carephone checking that everything is OK, sending a worker to your home to help you or by calling the Police, Ambulance or Fire Service.
Telecare alarms can be adapted for deaf and hard of hearing users.