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Disability Links


The following links on this webpage all point to external websites and as such Tameside MBC have no control over their content. These links have been gathered together for your convenience.

  • AbilityHub Link to External Website
    Assistive Technology Solutions for people with a disability who find operating a computer difficult, maybe even impossible. This web site will direct you to adaptive equipment and alternative methods available for accessing computers. 
  • Ability Net Link to External Website
    Provides expertise on computer access for disabled adults and children, at home, at work or in the classroom, offering a full range of services including free advice and information, awareness training, individual assessment and the supply of computer equipment. 
  • Arts Dyslexia Trust Link to External Website
    Promotes understanding of visual-spatial literacy, which many people, including those labelled dyslexic, learn and develop from. Offers help lines and advice on schools, courses and higher education. 
  • ASPIRE Link to External Website (The Association for Spinal Injury Research)
    Its national training centre offers IT courses and computer adaptations enabling people with very little or no use of the hands to use computers, specifically, but not exclusively, those with spinal cord injury. 
  • British Epilepsy Association Link to External Website
    The British Epilepsy Association has launched an internet based community for people with epilepsy.
  • CAST (The Centre for Applied Special Technology)
    An educational, not-for-profit organisation that uses technology to expand opportunities for all people including those with disabilities. 
  • Charity Commission
    The Charity Commision is a UK government department that exists to give the public confidence in the integrity of charities. Their website includes: details of all 180,000 registered charities in England and Wales, most of their publications in a choice of formats, latest developments and publications. Also included are consultation documents, for example on Trustee Remuneration, discussion documents, for example on The Independence of Charities from the state: 
  • Church Urban Fund Link to External Website
    The Church Urban Fund supports practical, locally inspired initiatives which enable people to overcome despair, turn ideas into action and bring new hope to their lives and the lives of their communities: 
  • Contact A Family Link to External Website
    Families of children with disabilities or special needs can be linked through Contact a Family's new publication. It provides information, advice and one to one linking for families caring for children, has a directory of medical summaries and sources of information. 
  • Disabled Living Foundation (DLF) Link to External Website
    A national charity that provides free, impartial advice about all types of daily living equipment for disabled adults and children, older people, their carers and families. 
  • Disability Net Link to External Website
    Information, products and services for disabled people. 
  • Disabled Workers Co-operative Link to External Website
    The Disabled Workers Co-operative is a 'not-for-profit' organisation that is creating an online Database of the skills, products and services that disabled people have to offer. Registration on the database is free and it is free for anyone to use. They have an eJobs Portal aimed at disabled jobseekers where you are able to advertise your vacancies and search for employees free. They also have a popular Directory of websites that list organisations, service providers and useful products for the disabled such as Assistive Technology, mobility products and holidays. Listing in the Directory is free in return for a link on your website. 
  • Down's Heart Group 
    Charity offering support and information relating to heart conditions associated with Down's Syndrome.
  • Drake Music Project Link to External Website
    Using specialist and adapted electronic technology, Drake Music enables disabled people unable to play conventional musical instruments to compose and perform there own music. 
  • Epilepsy Society Link to External Website
    The UK's leading medical epilepsy charity, offering information, advice and support to people affected by epilepsy.
  • Equal Ability CIC  Link to External Website
    Offers consultancy and training to help organisations meet a wider equality and diversity agenda. Offers peer support and training for disabled people. Conducts research, particularly into the disabling barriers within society and is involved in projects that further the inclusion of disabled people. 
  • FAST Link to External Website (The Foundation for the Advancement of Assistive Technology)
    Aims to facilitate the advancement of assistive technology by liaising between research and development institutions, manufacturers, service providers and end-users. 
  • Focus On Disability Link to External Website
    Has a wide range of general information for the disabled and their carers in the UK. 
  • Greater Manchester Downs Syndrome Association Link to External Website
    Greater Manchester Downs Syndrome Association have a support website.
  • Humanity Link to External Website
    A global organisation with the aim of reducing and then eliminating the comparative disadvantage caused by the continuing rapid development of information and communications technology. 

  • IT-Can-Help Link to External Website
    A voluntary service which assists disabled users for whom the computer is their principal means of communication to get more out of their computers - to choose new systems, set up accessibility aids and get online.
  • Leonard Cheshire Link to External Website
    Disability care charity providing support services for people with physical disabilities and learning difficulties. Meets the needs of disabled people and their carers with innovative and flexible approaches to social care. 
  • Living Made Easy Link to External Website
    Impartial advice and information for older and disabled people, care and care professionals providing clear, practical advice on daily living equipment thus empowering individuals to make an independent choice. 
  • Lloyds TSB Link to External Website
    Lloyds TSB Foundation supports under funded charities which help disadvantaged or disabled people of all ages to play a fuller role in the community. 
  • Mencap Link to External Website
    Works with people with a learning disability to fight discrimination. Campaigns to ensure that their rights are recognised. 
  • National Aids Trust Link to External Website
    NAT is a charity dedicated to policy research and campaigning to improve the UK's prevention efforts and the quality of life of people with HIV. 
  • National Autistic Society Link to External Website
    Charity for people with autism and their families, spear-heads national and international incentives and provides a strong voice for autism. 
  • RADAR (Royal Association for Disability And Rehabilitaion)
    Organisation run by and working for disabled people, campaigns for equal rights for disabled people. 
  • RNIB Link to External Website (Royal National Institute for the Blind)
    Provides information and practical services to help blind people live their lives. They challenge all who put up barriers in the path of blind and partially sighted people.
  • RNID Link to External Website (Royal National Institute for the Deaf)
    Aims to be a powerful force for change with government, public and private sector organisations and to provide services directly to deaf and hard of hearing people to improve their everyday lives.
  • Scope Link to External Website
    Charity working with people with cerebral palsy and related disabilities. Carrying out research into issues affecting disabled people and organises national and local campaigns. 
  • Shaw Trust Link to External Website
    Charity that champions the abilities of disabled people, enabling over 10,000 people experiencing all types of disability to make the most of their skills, abilities and employment opportunities.
  • Stockport Canal Boat Trust
    Canal day trips and short canal holidays for people with disabilities
  • TASCA (Tameside Action for Social Communication & Autism Support Group)
    TASCA is a local autism support group primarily for families of autistic children 0-16. TASCA is also part of the autism strategy group working towards better outcomes for all autistic people.
  • Working Links 
    Working Links run the New Deal for Disabled People contract in Tameside. If you've been unemployed for a long time, or you've never worked because of sickness or disability, finding work can be difficult. This is where Working Links can really help. We specialise in helping people find long-term work - and now we're working specifically to support people who are on incapacity benefits.
    Telephone Number 0161 474 7138 Fax Number 0161 477 0953