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The Distraction of Technology

Electronic devices such as TV, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, radio and films can be fun but children need time without these to learn language.

Top Tips:

  • TV can be educational but we know that children learn language best from playing and talking with their parents and siblings. Watching too much TV means there is less time for children to interact with people and play. 
  • Children need quiet time to develop their listening skills. Children can find it hard to listen when there is background noise so turn the TV off if no-one is watching it.
  • Set up some "Special Times" when electronic devices aren't allowed. These might include meal times, the journey to and from school or nursery and bedtime. These are excellent times to talk about your day and ask each other questions.
  • Try not to look at your mobile phone while walking home or switch off the radio in the car. Give your child your full attention so they know you are listening. 
  • Turn off all electronic devices and the TV during meal times. This means that you and your child will be less distracted and can focus on having fun conversations.
  • Bedtime is a great time for talking and reading stories. Try switching off the TV and other electronic devices before bedtime. Research shows this will also help children fall asleep quicker. 

How to use technology to develop language:

  • Try watching TV with your child. This is an excellent way to start conversations about their interests. Chat about the characters, make up stories or even act them out to help develop your child's language skills. Ask your child questions about the programme afterwards e.g. which bit did they like best and why?
  • Look at photos on your phone together. Can your child remember when it was taken or where you were? This is a good way of sharing stories together.
  • Playing computer games can develop your child's problem solving skills and coordination. Try playing computer games together. Get your child to teach you the rules and how to play and then take turns. This will develop their language and social interaction skills.
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