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Places of Interest - Droylsden

Photograph of Fairfield Moravian SettlementFairfield Moravian Settlement

A unique model village built by the Moravian Church in 1785. The late Georgian architecture, simple yet elegant, is the work of the renowned architect Benjamin Henry la Trobe, who also worked on the Capital building in Washington DC, USA. The Settlement is a living community, retaining all its original charm, symmetry and tranquillity.

The Moravians first settled in this area in the mid eighteenth century in Dukinfield. In 1785, they moved to Fairfield to the site of a farm and built their walled community.

The settlement has changed very little in appearance and gives the impression of stepping out of the twentieth century into the eighteenth century. The community was self-contained, producing all it needed including bricks for the houses. There was a farm, bakery, shop, inn, laundry and many workshops. Hatting and needlework were two of its specialities.

Fairfield Moravian Church and Manse

The church was opened in 1795 for the settlement, and the interior was remodelled in 1908.

The outside is virtually unchanged! Opposite the Church is Fairfield High School for Girls. This was originally the Fairfield Moravian Boys' School until 1891, and then in 1906, the girls' school transferred here and it became known as Fairfield Moravian Ladies' School.

The original part of the school has changed very little, but now there are extensions stretching from the far end of the old building to the edge of the school grounds.

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