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Please click on this link Coronavirus (Covid 19) Support - which will take you to our Coronavirus (Covid 19) support wepage which centrally holds helpful links, supportive information and resources which has been pooled together for you, from a range of survices, in this unpreceded change in light of coronavirus. Safety and supporting our children and families is paramount and we will be led by this first and foremost, so we are working differently to help and support children and families get through this difficult time. Please do ring us to find out more and see how we can help.

The Early Help Panel is there to support children and families build on their strengths



The Early Help Panel

We have a clear vision in Tameside where children and families are at the heart of our vision, living as part of self-sustaining communities, supported by excellent Universal, Early Help and Statutory Services. Intervention will be done at the right time in the right way.
Children will thrive at school, achieve good outcomes, and many will go on to become good parents themselves.         
As part of Tameside’s Early Help Strategy - Smarter, Stronger, Sooner, Safer, we work in partnership with children and families to ensure families receive the right support at the right time, working to strengths based Signs of Safety model. We work collaboratively through learning, we work in partnership to demonstrate good practice and contribute to the corporate priorities of neighbourhoods, community, and economic growth. All this will help to ensure that both our children and families and our staff are proud to be a part of Tameside.
The Early Help multi-agency panel have produced a set of standards that supports the Panel in ensuring that all decisions are made appropriately considering the information available and that the family receive the right help at the right time.
The Panel
  • Care about what they do and are passionate about achieving the best for our children and families
  • Employ professional judgment and expertise
  • Have a strong value base displaying care, compassion, and respect
  • Are confident knowledgeable and disciplined
  • Reflect, adapt, and change while delivering the core values of panel and meeting the individual needs of our families
  • Strive to be the best and bring the best out in others, empowering families to sustain positive, meaningful change
The Early Help Panel meets weekly to consider all referrals assessed at early help level.

The North Panel covers:



The South Panel covers:


The panel members use all the information available to ensure all families are supported to achieve appropriately and prevents drift, especially where there is a circumstance where there is a history of non-engagement.

For more information about the Early Help Panel, please contact The Early Help Access Point on 0161 342 4260 or if you wish to refer a family who have consented for Early Help support, please complete a Multi-Agency Request for Service form:
If your enquiry is a follow up after Panel, please contact 0161 342 5197 and speak to a Panel Administrator.
The multi-agency Early Help Panel consists of these agencies in attendance as below:  
  • Action Together
  • Inspire
  • Homestart
  • Youth Engagement
  • Youth Justice Service
  • Tameside Families Together
  • EHA Advisors /  representing Schools and PVIs
  • Health
  • Healthy Young Minds
  • Education Welfare
  • Pupil Support Services

The partners listed represent pathways for referrals. In addition to the attending partners we also have virtual partners who will share relevant information and give the panel advice and guidance that may help with the allocation of support. Families are part of the process as they have given informed consent. Families are discussed at panel and the best course of action is agreed.
All partners receive written confirmation of the referral via the minutes or they take the information whilst at the panel. They then take responsibility for the case and contact the families directly to start the intervention.

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