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The Team Around Approach is designed to empower professionals and families to access support at a much earlier stage.



The Team Around Approach 

Please click on the button to watch a short video about the Team Around Approach.

The Team Around Approach has proven to work in other areas across the country. Here in Tameside we have the opportunity to incorporate the Team Around Approach model within the Neighbourhoods. Schools and partner agencies have been consulted with to develop a Team Around model that is now being successfully implemented in the neighbourhoods. Given its success, we are now working with Private, Voluntary & Independent Sector and Colleges.

The concept of the Team Around Approach is a meeting  set up by the school/setting in partnership with the Neighbourhood Team in order to meet the school’s/settings  needs, this is a flexible approach and can be tailored to each setting. Team Arounds can be held in schools, early years settings, colleges and alternative education providers.

The Team Around Approach is designed to empower professionals and families to access support at a much earlier stage in order to do this, meetings are held to discuss a families worries and concerns. At the meetings, there will be a Neighbourhood Coordinator, an Early Help Assessment Advisor, an Early Help Representative, a Social Worker and a representative from the School Nurse and Health Visitor Team. Sometimes where it is appropriate other professionals are invited in to share information or provide advice and guidance.

The school can bring any lower level concerns into a Team Around meeting (informed parental consent must be obtained,  if there is no consent, anonymous cases can be discussed where the school/setting needs advice and guidance. If a young person wants support without consent of their parents/carers, then professionals involved need to use the Fraser Guidelines to help assess whether a child has the maturity to make their own decisions and to understand the implications of those decisions.
If the school/setting have lower level concerns regarding a child’s attendance, family relationships, financial difficulties, parenting, a child’s self-esteem/confidence/mental health (please note this is not an exhaustive list) but it does not meet the threshold of the Early Help Panel or the Threshold of Social Care, the case can be heard at Team Around.

It is encouraged that all families heard at a Team Around have an Early Help Assessment in place or is initiated before the meeting, this can be done with the support of the Early Help Assessment Advisors.

If a case cannot wait for a Team Around meeting but not a Section 47 then school can contact the Neighbourhood Coordinators to see the next best course of action is.

Our aim is for each primary and secondary school, colleges in Tameside as well as the private voluntary and independent sector nurseries to have a named Early Help worker and a named Social Worker. Both are expected to attend Team Around.

The Social Worker link is there to provide advice and support about levels of need and whether families would meet need for a level 3 (CIN) assessments.

Any urgent case’s that obviously fall into the category safeguarding still need to be referred through to the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub as normal.

The schools/settings are responsible for recording the Team Around discussions and actions and can bring the cases for review at the following Team Around.


  • Enable timely provision of early intervention and preventative services for children, young people and their families and to reduce the number of cases held and referred to children’s social care and other specialist, costly services.
  • Build trust and improve communication across agencies so that information and data is shared effectively and suitably.
  • Offer support at key points in children and young people’s lives (especially at transition points between schools), identifying those with additional needs and agreeing the most effective ways of targeting and responding to those needs.
  • Support and engage with families more efficiently in relation to school related issues, identifying and removing barriers to learning and closing the gap for vulnerable groups.
  • Early Help resources are utilised in the most effective way and are consistent across the Borough and aligned to need.
  • The child, young person and family’s progress is tracked and monitored in order to evidence where early help is effective.
  • Bridges the gap between Universal (Level 1) and Complex (Level 3) through the use of Early Help Assessment processes (CAF).
  • Reduce exclusions and referrals to area Panels for Excluded and Vulnerable Pupils; improve attendance and educational achievement and attainment and overall wellbeing.
  • By bringing multi-agency professionals together provides opportunities to share information/updates within their respective organisations in a secure appropriate manner in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and forthcoming EU-GDPR in May 2018. Opportunity for staff to collaborate and learn from one another, providing clarity about roles and responsibilities, clarity of the early help offer and consistent application of thresholds.
  • Co-ordinated provision of integrated support.
  • A better sharing of professional disciplines, no duplication of activity/casework and streamlined assessment and referral processes where information is given once.
  • Services used effectively to meet family needs that focus on outcomes.
  • Improved and earlier access to services for children, young people and families.  Provides a strong and informative evidence base if a case requires escalation.
  • Improved multi-agency working


The Partnership Strategy - Smarter, Stronger, Sooner, Safer approach entrenches the principles that Early Help is everyone’s responsibility and it must be a partnership approach.

If you need more information or advice you can speak to the Neighbourhood Coordinator in the area you work on the below number:

0161 342 2786

0161 342 5084

0161 342 2783

0161 342 5083

Please click on the below button to download a tri fold family pamphlet for further reading or to give to a parent/carer.


Feedback from professionals we have received in relation to Team Around:

  • “Without the advice from other professionals that form part of our Team Around the School we would not have had the results with mum that we have and in turn this has improved the pupils attendance and the general wellbeing of all the children in the family. The TAS meeting helped the whole family and took inconsideration that the children are Young Carers. We have had no other concerns over the family since the TAS meeting and mum feels that the process worked really well for her family and has helped to make life better for herself and her family which is the best result we could have hoped to achieve.”
  • “So useful to have someone from CSC and the Police at the meeting, also good to have other agencies who were able to offer advice and guidance.”
  • “Clear direction from professionals involved in the panel meetings. Wealth of information around the table”
  • ‘’Brilliant support from Neighbourhood Team at the TAS, couldn’t do it without them. They have been in constant contact offering support advice and guidance during the lead up to our first TAS.’’
  • ‘’Nothing is better than being able to pick up the phone and speak to someone who can point you in the right direction and that is exactly what the Neighbourhood Team have done for me.’’

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