The Electoral Register


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get my name on the Electoral Register?

It is possible to add your name to the register of electors at any time throughout the year by clicking on the icon below:

Your vote Matters

Why should I register?

  • If you do not register then you cannot exercise your democratic right to vote in any election.
  • It is much harder to obtain credit if you are not on the Register.
  • The council can take legal proceedings against householders who fail to return their registration form

How can I view the register?

The full Register for the whole of Tameside can be viewed at Ashton Central Library

How can I buy the register?

The Open Register leaves out the names and addresses of people who have asked for them to be excluded from that version of the Register. The Open Register can be bought by anyone who asks for a copy and they can use it for any purpose.

You can order a copy of the register and pay on-line with a credit/debit card. Alternatively you can pay by cheque (made payable to "Tameside MBC" and sent to Elections Office, Dukinfield Town Hall, King Street, Dukinfield. SK16 4LA, for the attention of Democratic Services), or by cash at Ashton Cash Office, situated in Clarence Arcade.

What if I am not on the published register?

You can now register online at by clicking on the icon below:

Your Vote Matters

Unless your name appears on the published register you will not be entitled to vote at elections. You may also be denied credit as most credit reference agencies use the electoral register for proof of residency.

Who is eligible to vote?

  • You have to be eighteen years or over.
  • All British, Commonwealth, Irish and other European Union citizens.
  • Overseas electors
  • Members of HM Forces and their spouses
  • Crown servants employed outside the United Kingdom
  • European citizens are allowed to vote in European and Local Elections only
  • Overseas Electors are allowed to vote in Parliamentary and European Elections only.

What if there are people registered at my address who don’t live there?

Contact Electoral Services using the contact information shown below.


Contact Information
Contact by Post

Elections Office
Dukinfield Town Hall
King Street
SK16 4LA
Contact by Telephone
0161 342 3036
Contact by Fax
0161 342 2187