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Signature Refresh 2019

If you have an absent vote (either a postal or a proxy vote) and it has been more than 5 years old, we are legally required to request a fresh signature from you.
We sent forms out for the signature renewal on 24th January. If you have not yet responded you will be sent a reminder.
We have already sent all the data for the reminders to our printers and these will arrive from 21st February. Please ensure you return your signature refresh form as soon as possible using the pre-paid envelope back to our scanning contractor (Electoral Reform Services).
You must complete and return the forms by Thursday 7 March 2019. If no fresh signature, capable of being scanned is received by this point you will lose your entitlement to vote by post.
If you have a disability which means you cannot provide a signature or sign in a consistent way, please contact us for advice and we should be able to help.

Why is a new signature required?

When you are sent a postal vote for an election, you are required to provide your signature and date of birth on a postal voting statement. These ‘personal identifiers’ are checked against those you provide on your postal vote application form to ensure your vote cannot be used by someone else. We do not use these details for any other purpose.
An important part of these security measures is providing a fresh signature every five years as signatures and circumstances can change over time.

If you are unable to make it to your Poll Station on Polling day you can apply to vote by post instead. Voting by post is secure and safe.

Postal ballot papers are usually dispatched within 10 working days prior to the Election / Referendum.

To ensure voting by post is secure you will need to provide your Date of Birth and Signature, also known as your personal identifiers. When the postal ballot paper has been returned, the personal identifiers are paired with the ones you used on the postal vote application.
Postal vote application form.

You must be registered to vote in order to apply for a postal vote.

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