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Local Authority Assistance in a Major Incident

Picture of a Rest CentreTameside MBC operates an On Call Rota Scheme to provide an emergency response (24 hours/7 days per week/365 days per year).

Following the declaration of a major incident, Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council is able to provide a number of services such as:

  • Offering support and assistance to the Emergency Services and other agencies involved in the emergency response,
  • Mobilising the voluntary agencies and co-ordinating their response,
  • The provision of a wide range of support services (i.e housing, welfare, catering, transport),
  • Ensuring the welfare and safety of the residents of Tameside,
  • Providing and managing emergency short term accommodation.

As time goes on within a major incident, and the emphasis switches to recovery and the return to normality, Tameside Council will take a leading role to facilitate the rehabilitation of the community and the restoration of the environment.

Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council is able to supply a wide range of assistance and resources, which can be supplemented by mutual aid arrangements where necessary. Assistance and resources include:

  • Road Closures and Diversions
  • Plant and Equipment
  • Reception Centres (Rest, Survivor, Friends and Relatives)
  • Maps and Building Plans
  • Building Safety Inspections
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Environmental Health Services
  • Clearance of debris and restoration of highways
  • Psychological Support
  • Interpretation Services
  • Help lines
  • Appeal Fund arrangements
  • Information to the public
  • Provision of accommodation / equipment for temporary mortuaries
  • Media Handling Services