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Searching for Events


Search Box

There are a number of ways to limit the results to what you want to see, even if you are just looking generally to see what's on.

Text Search: You can simply type in a key word and click the "search" button, this will give you a list of What's On that has the keyword you typed in.

You can also limit your results by Date. We assume at first that you want to see events coming up in the next 30 days. But by selecting the date and the period in the future you would like to "show", you can make your search more specific.

E.g. To see what events are happening in June, click to go right on the small Calendar until you reach June, then select the date you want to start looking from.

If you want to limit the search to just 7 days, or to increase the number of events you see, then you can select this from the "Show" box below the calendar.



As the Council offers a wide range of events that appeal to a variety of people, there can be sometimes a lot of information displayed. A quick way to filter your results to just those that you are interested in, is to use the tags on the right hand side. Simply selecting the check box changes the results to filter out events which are not appropriate.

Included TagsYou'll see initially lots of "Tags" are shown. These represent all the events you can see on the page. There are two tick boxes next to each tag:

  • YES: the left side (green) filters so that it shows only events with that tag.
  • NO: the right side (red) filters so that it shows only events that do not have that tag.

"Only Events That...": You may be looking for events and activities that take place at Drolysden Library. To do this, click the tickbox to the left of the tag labelled "Droylsden Library" and the results list (and the tag list) will be updated with the appropriate results. This can be used with any of the tags - e.g. to only find Countryside events, or events tagged as for kids.


Excluded Tags"Only Events That Aren't...": Alternatively, you might only want events that are not at Droylsden Library. To do this, you tick the right hand side box (red). This will redisplay the results and tag list with the info you want.

Tags indicate something about an event, it could be the kind of person that the event is for, the location of the event, the organiser of the event or any other feature of the event. Each event can often have a number of tags associated with it.

You can filter the list of tags by typing in the “Tag Filter” box at the top of the list, to help you find tags that match what you need. It's like a mini search for the tags and doesn't affect your main events result.

Display Modes

You can choose how you'd like to view your events through the various different "View Modes". These are selectable at the top of the search results page:
View Modes

List: List mode is the most common and normally most useful way of viewing what's on. In orders the event under a new section for each date and helps you see a wide range of events easily.

Tabular: Table mode allows you to view events, but instead of just showing them in date order, you can arrange them by "ratings" or "number of comments".

Map: Map mode allows you to see events geographically. When in this view, the search box on the left hand side allows you to specify a postcode and only show events at locations within a certain radius of that. You can do this by entering your postcode, clicking "set" and then in the box that appears underneath, selecting the maximum distance from it that event locations should be.

Month: Month mode shows a traditional month calendar with minimal information for each event. Clicking on the number of the day in the month takes you to a day view of the calendar.

Week: Week mode shows just one week, showing each day and the matching events in that week. Select any day on the calendar on the left to see a week starting from that day. There are also "Previous" and "Next" links at the top that take you back and forward one week.

Day: Day mode shows just one day, showing in that day. Select any day on the calendar on the left to see that day. Previous and next links take you back and forward one day.

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