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Greater Manchester Healthier Catering Award in Tameside

Including sustainability and reduction in plastic waste

The Scheme is run by Environmental Health and is for Food Businesses who can commit to offering a range of healthier foods to their customers. Eating out is important and popular in Tameside and as such Tameside Food Businesses can make a valuable contribution to increasing healthier choices and more sustainable choices for residents and visitors in Tameside.  Businesses with a workplace canteen or delivery service can also contribute to Healthier and sustainable Catering

Sustainability/reduction in packaging is part of the scheme:

The scheme focuses on; increasing portions of fruit, veg and salad, increasing healthier options, reducing salt, reducing sugar, reducing saturated fat and total fat, increasing hygiene levels and sustainability; the criteria have been designed by nutritionists accordingly.

Businesses can work towards 3 levels; Commitment, Achievement, Excellence.


  • Look out for the logos on doors and windows, social media and websites when you are eating out
  • Perhaps ask your favourite places if they have considered the Healthier Catering Award
  • Has the canteen at your workplace got an award?
The guidelines for each level  and criteria that award holders have committed to can be viewed below:

Business Operators:   

  • If you would like to apply for the award, free of charge, please use the documents below as a checklist/ assessment to demonstate how you fulfil the criteria
  • If you have a workplace canteen , food delivery service or provider for business catering  let them know about the award and direct them to this page.
  • If your business is working towards the award you will be able to record your progress


If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact me      tel:  0161 342 8355 usually available days Tue/Wed Thurs

Checklists for each award: