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A Guide to Task Centred Fostering


What is task centred Foster Care?

The term task centered emphasises that the child will one day move on, either back to parents/relatives or on to a long term foster/adoptive placement. It is a very special, important role which may involve working closely with parents to improve their relationship with the child, working with children’s behaviour and needs, or preparing a child for a permanent home.

The children and their families

Children of all ages need temporary Foster Care. Usually Carers concentrate on a specific age group according to their preference or family circumstances.

Children often come into care with brothers and sisters. It’s important to keep siblings together so it helps to have Foster Carers who can take two or possible three children.

All children task centred in temporary care will be distressed to some extent by their separation from parents.

Wherever possible, children are prepared for this separation and Foster Carers play a major role in maintaining their contact with parents.

However, other children may be removed under traumatic circumstances as a result of abuse and present significant emotional and behavioral problems. All will need sensitive and patient care.

Who are we looking for?

We need task centred and long term Foster Carers from the whole Tameside community. We need carers with a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures and life experiences.

You may be:

  • single, married or living with a partner
  • in work or unemployed
  • own your own home or rent 
  • have your own children or none at all

What’s most important is that you:

  • care about children and can work with their families
  • are willing to learn
  • can work with Services for Children & Young People
  • have the physical space and time in your life
  • are a none smoking household

What do you get in return?

Foster carers make a big difference to children’s lives. You may see children arrive upset and angry. You may see children arrive upset and angry. You may meet parents who appear overwhelmed by the demands of parenting and watch them learn from you and grow in confidence.

You will develop a wide range of skills. Not only will you build on your abilities as a carer, you will also learn to speak on behalf of the children you look after and help them lead a happier life.

All Foster Carers receive initial training and regular annual training. You will be part of a regular support group of Foster Carers and will have an individual support worker. We are committed to the personal and professional development of our carers.

How do you apply?

If you are interested in applying to become a carer, have any queries or would like more information, don’t hesitate to call the Fostering Front Door.

Simply call the number below and they will take basic details and pass them onto the Fostering Team who will ten arrange a visit to meet you and provide you more information about the process and how to progress.

Tel: 0161 342 2342

If you have any other questions you wish to have answered you can contact the fostering team.

Tel: 0161 342 4300


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