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Children in Need of Placements

FosteringAmelia is a 9 year old chatty and sociable girl. She is polite and aims to please others; she also enjoys being the centre of attention. She is learning to share attention with her little sister in foster care as initially she found this quite difficult. Amelia has always cared for her little sister at home and therefore needs a carer that can support her to continue loving her sister without taking on the full caring responsibilities for her. Amelia has been a young carer and has taken time in foster carer to get used to rules and boundaries but has adjusted well to these and is now reported by her task carers as happy to accept rules and boundaries. A has no allergies although she is scared of the dark and likes to sleep with the light on at night. Amelia is aware that her current carers are only task centred and she is looking forward to meeting new carers that can offer her long term care.  She has been in foster care since March 2016. She mixes well with peers and is doing well at school. She enjoys drama club after school and sports camp during school holidays. She enjoys reading, swimming, playing on her tablet, theatre shows and going to restaurants. Amelia will benefit from carer’s promoting her individually and would benefit from having her own bedroom and own space. Her favourite colour is purple and she loves Little Mix.

Nadia is almost 5 years old and is placed with her big sister who is 9. She is a happy and fun little girl but equally strong willed and enjoys other people doing things for her. She needs a lot of reassurance and cuddles. She like setting stars on her chart for being good and thrives on praise. She is in reception at school and has adapted well to this change and has made a lot of friends. She is a bright little girl and has recently learnt to read, an achievement she is very proud of. She likes to sing and dance to Little Mix music and enjoys listening to music in general. She also enjoys playing with her dolls and Shopkins figures. She likes to spend her time drawing, colouring, helping around the house and dressing up. She has stated that for her birthday this year she wants to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.
Darren is a 12 year old boy; he is currently living in children’s home but requires foster carers who can offer him a loving family home environment for him now into independence.

Darren enjoys playing in his bedroom building LEGO, reading his books and playing on his tablet. He also enjoys watching TV and movies during his free time. He has a friend who he plays with after school.

Darren needs carer who can show him that he can trust and love them as part of their family. Darren attends High School in Oldham; this needs to be maintained for Darren and therefore his carers would need to be able to transport him to and from school.

Darren would benefit from two carers who have experience looking after children either personally or professionally.

Nicola is a nine year old girl. She became looked after in 2015 and has had a number of placement moves since being in care. Nicola requires a long term placement as she cannot return to the care of family members.
Nicola likes to be active and enjoys playing football swimming and netball. As a result Nicola needs active carers as she enjoys outdoor activities such as bike riding, walking the dogs, playing at the park, martial arts, kick boxing, swimming and playing football. Nicola likes to be occupied with activities and thrives with structured routines as she likes to know what is going on. If Nicola is not occupied with activities she can became frustrated. When Nicola is in her bedroom she likes watching movies or listening to music. Nicola is a good reader and she enjoys reading various story books. Nicola would thrive from being with carers who promote her reading and activities.

Nicola can be aggressive in the perusal for attention. Nicola’s behaviour can sometimes stem from her inability to reflect and discuss her emotions; as a result Nicola needs a solo placement with two carers who will be able to offer a nurturing environment where she would not be competing for adult’s attention; it is felt that if the right carers are identified Nicola will no longer exhibit these behaviours.

Nicola attends Primary School in Glossop, she is very settled in this school she has developed some friendships and has a very good relationship with the Head Teacher. Nicola has shown that she has great literacy ability and is able to produce some great pieces of work. When Nicola is focused she is able to engage in thoughtful and meaningful debates and discussions and is able to put her point of view across in an eloquent manner. As a result of this positive relationship, carers will be required to maintain this school provision.

Nicola needs to develop attachments to adults who are able to consistently recognise, acknowledge and meet her needs. She needs adults to show her emotional warmth and to consistently value her. Nicola needs to be protected from rejection and needs very consistent care to help her learn that adults can be predictable, can be trusted and are there to keep her safe.

Claire is a 14 year old girl; she became looked after in January 2012. Since being removed from her parents care, Claire has had three placement moves and requires a placement with carers who are going to offer her consistency until independence.
Claire needs firm and consistent boundaries, a good routine and structure; Claire struggles without knowing times and dates of planned activities. Claire can be an extremely anxious young girl; social worker visits result in Claire becoming very anxious, as she associates her social worker with moving placements.
Claire struggles to form friendships but has a small group of friends with whom she has remained in close with since starting at school. Additionally school is a brilliant source of support for Claire and therefore this needs to be maintained. School feel they are seeing her mature and speak about her feelings more. Claire attends school in Middleton.  
Claire can dominate others and mother younger children. It is therefore important that a placement does not have younger children. Claire requires a lot of attention and praise; she is a vulnerable young person and feels rejected so requires a lot of emotional warmth. Due to her need for attention it would be helpful for Claire to be placed in a household with two carers.


If you can provide a loving and stable home for any of these children, or for more information on fostering please contact us on 0161 342 2342

Tameside Fostering Service is looking to recruit new foster carers we are specifically looking for:

  • Foster Carers who can care for children in short term placements aged 0 - 18 years
  • Foster Carers who can care for sibling groups of 3 or more children.
  • Foster Carers who have experience looking after teenagers
  • Carers for our Supported Lodging service

We are actively recruiting Foster Carers who can care for children aged between 0 - 18 years old. Placements of children may be short term at first however these could result in long term placements being required.  Carers must be able to demonstrate they have the time, availability, space and empathy to offer a child.  We need carers who can show commitment, understanding and compassion to children during difficult times.  Carers must be willing to work with a wide age range of children in order to meet the needs of the service.  Foster carers need to have the time and availability to offer a child and preferably a spare room (children aged 0-2 can be placed in a cot in carers bedroom).

We welcome applications from anyone who is able to care for sibling groups of 3 or more children.  Wherever possible we aim to place siblings together in order to maintain the bond and promote attachment that siblings have to one another. 

Tameside Fostering Service has observed an increased need in placements for children aged 10 and older. As a result, we are looking for Foster Carers who have a proven ability to care for teenagers. Professional experience of looking after children would be desirable however experience of parenting on a personal level is also extremely valuable. Some children have a high level of need and are significantly vulnerable, therefore we are looking for Foster Carers who have a high level of resilience and be able to commit to placements possibly long term (until 18).

The Supported Lodging Service is intended for young people who are preparing to live independently.  Supported Lodgings carers provide a spare room and offer practical support to the young person.  Carers need to help the young person to develop independence and life skills such as cooking skills, help with budgeting, exploring apprenticeships or employment opportunities and positive lifestyle choices.

To find out more about the different Fostering career opportunities, please call our dedicated recruitment team on 0161 342 2342

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