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Information for Parents

What is Foster Care?

Foster Care provides the opportunity for your child to live in a family home environment rather than living in a residential setting where staff change.

Foster Carers are members of the public who have been trained and assessed to care for other peoples children. They will work with you to try and maintain your child's routine and care. They are not employed by Services for Children and Young People. You are still the child's parent and have responsibilities for your child.

Are they Qualified People?

There is not a qualification as such but they do go through a vigorous process of assessment, training and checks before we approve them as carers.

All our Foster Carers have had police checks, medicals and further checks with the NSPCC and Probation. They are all approved under the Family Placement Regulations.

Some of the things that Foster Carers are expected to do:

  • The foster carer is expected to help any fostered child in contact with their friends and family
  • They are expected to make day to day decisions about the child's routine care.
  • They are expected to share information with Services for Children and Young People and cannot keep secrets or agree to keep relevant information you share with them to themselves.
  • They are expected to involve you as much as possible in the child's life. Decisions about how involved you are will be agreed between yourselves and the social worker.

Standard of care

Every child in Foster Care will have a Social Worker who will visit and see your child on their own. They will also need to satisfy themselves that the care and accommodation is suitable. In most situations you should also be able to see where your child is living and would be encouraged to give your views about the care they are receiving.

Each foster carer has a worker allocated to them, part of their job is to support the foster carer and to monitor the standards of care your child receives. Each Foster Carer is reviewed every year.

You are still the main person with responsibility for your child, it is expected as far as possible that you remain involved with your child.

Each situation will be different, but in general we would want you to attend medicals, dentist appointments, parents evenings, help them with homework etc. Some of this will be alongside Foster Carers so it is important for Foster Carers, children, parents and Social Workers to talk together and agree who is doing what!

What if you're not happy about the care provided?

It is best to try and talk to the foster carer and your child's Social Worker about concerns you have so they can be resolved.

It is often the small things that can annoy people and sometimes be a cause of conflict such as differences over bed times, diet, dress etc.

If you don't think these matters can be resolved in this way, you should speak directly to the Team Manager of the child's Social Worker.

If you wish to make a formal complaint about the care your child is receiving and do not feel it can be resolved in a less formal way, you can obtain a copy of the complaints leaflet from a Social Worker at any of the Services for Children and Young People reception areas.

Your child can make a complaint themselves through the Children's Rights Officer or by contacting the Complaints Manager.

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