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Policies and Standards



The standards have been developed by The Children’s Workforce Development Council (CWDC).

The CWDC wants to ensure that all Foster Carers receive the relevant training, support and development opportunities to help them meet the needs of the children they look after. 

The standards set out what all Foster Carers should know, understand and be able to do within their first 12 months of the Fostering Task.

Nationally all Foster Carers will be required to complete the standards. Where both adults in one household are approved as joint carers both carers need to complete the standards.

The Seven standards are as follows:

  1. Understand the principles and values essential for Fostering Children and Young People. 
  2. Understand your role as a Foster Carer
  3. Understand Health and Safety and Healthy Care
  4. Know how to communicate effectively
  5. Understand the development of Children and Young People
  6. Keep Children and Young People safe from harm
  7. Develop Yourself

The Child Workforce Development and training Unit offer drop in Support sessions to assist carers in completing the Workforce Development booklet.