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What Fostering IsWhat is Fostering

What Fostering is

Fostering is a challenging, fun, flexible and unique role. Foster carers provide safe, secure and loving homes for children and young people who cannot live with their parents. By choosing to foster with us, you will be helping to keep children and young people in their local communities and close to existing support systems in some of the most unsettling times in their lives.
As a local authority foster carer, you'll be working directly with the children's services of the council who are responsible for cared for children in Tameside. Our fostering service is not for profit, and our priority is the welfare of our children and young people.

There are lots of reasons why children can’t live with their parents, but is never through any fault of their own and they deserve the love, care and support that foster carers can offer, whether this is on a short or long-term basis.

These children simply are in need of carers who can offer them stability and routine, and help them achieve their goals and make a positive impact on their lives.
What is Fostering
The Role of a Foster Carer
As a foster carer, you have the chance to make a real difference to a child or young person’s life and help them realise their potential in both family and school settings. You will have the opportunity to help them grow and develop emotionally by providing a safe family environment, and help them to achieve in education so they are able to reach their potential in life.

No matter the child’s background or experience, you will be provided with the necessary support to care for them, and specialist training to help you develop your skills as a foster carer. Find out more about the training on offer at Tameside here

Fostering can be a full-time role, but there are many different types of fostering you can apply for.

Some of the key responsibilities of a foster carer include:


Caring for a child or young person

  • To provide day to day care for a child/ young person, taking account of the particular issues for children/young people who are separated from their families.
  •  To participate in developing the plans for the child/young person and to make sure these plans are carried out. To undertake specified tasks in the care plan for the child.
  • To promote the healthy growth and development of the child or young person with a particular emphasis on health and education.
  • To ensure that the child or young person is encouraged to develop and maintain a positive understanding of their origins, religion and culture.
  • To assist and support parents and others who are significant in a child or young person’s life to develop and maintain healthy relationships with them.
  • To assist children and young people to move on in a positive manner.

Providing a safe and caring environment

  • To ensure that a child or young person is kept safe from harm and abuse, and that they are taught how to get help if they are worried or frightened by anyone or anything.
  • To act as an advocate for each child and young person.

Working as part of a team

  • To be part of the service and work with staff and other professionals within guidelines, policies and procedures.
  • To attend and actively participate in all reviews, family meetings, case conferences and court hearings as required.
  • To keep written records of placements and to contribute to the child or young person’s file and records.
  • To deal responsibly with confidential information.

Developing further skills as a carer

  • To contribute to your own development as professional carers through training.
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