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Active Alliance Gathering

23rd July 2020
Quiet Streets

The Active Alliance Un-Gathering was held virtually on the 23rd July 2020 to reflect on the progress so far, building on the input from previous gatherings and insights.

People were invited to find out about the potential roads ahead for physical activity, and give an input in finding the right direction. Attendees shared their thoughts and ideas in break-out rooms following talks on each of the themes, and got involved as we continued the journey to inspire more people to become more active more often.

We talked about physical activity as a big player in the plans to live with Covid and build back better, with the themes being based around:
  • Cycling – Activating cycling for fun, for travel and for sport
  • Walking- Discovering the greenspace on the doorstep, loving local parks, and walking as the first choice
  • Active Homes-from online workouts to Quiet Streets and playing out with the kids

Our online un-gathering was a half day event with short interactive sessions and an opportunity for attendees to network, bring, takeaway, and share ideas to make physical activity more prevalent in Tameside.

If you missed this gathering, don’t worry the recordings are all below and there will be another chance to get involved in the Winter Gathering this year. If you would like to be invited to the 2020 Winter gathering please email to be added to the mailing list.