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Health and Safety

There are thousands of accidents in the workplace every year and it has been estimated that in Britain alone 2.5 million people suffer work-related ill health. Official figures for workplace injuries in Britain show that on average each year there are 400 fatalities, 40,000 major injuries and 133,000 injuries leading to more than three days absence from work.

Accidents and illness cause a great deal of personal pain and suffering for individuals, as well as worry and financial difficulty for families. The indirect financial costs of accidents and illnesses may include loss of customers and business opportunities that could put the survival of your business at risk.

Most people spend a significant part of their lives at work and they do not expect their health to be damaged through work-related illness, disease or injury. By managing health and safety properly, these risks can be controlled thereby reducing the potential for harm not only to employees, but also to others who might be affected by work activities.

One of Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council's aims is to promote a safe and healthy environment for the community. Workplace safety is an important element of this overall objective.

Several pieces of new legislation relating to health and safety have been introduced over the last few years making it increasingly difficult for businesses to keep abreast of legal obligations.

If you would like any health and safety advice, have a particular problem, are thinking of starting a new business or changing your existing premises or practices, officers from the Environmental Health Service will be pleased to provide you with free advice.


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