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Health and Safety


Health and Safety Responsibilities

The need for safety awareness in the working environment cannot be over-emphasised. The statistics are shocking. Every year in Britain poor working conditions cause:

  • 400 accidental deaths
  • 1.6 million accidents
  • 2.2 million cases of ill health
  • 30 million days of lost production
  • 20,000 people become ill or are forced to give up work

The cost of accidents in personal terms is immeasurable, the cost to businesses in staff absences, damage and increased insurance premiums is immense.

No business is too small to escape Health & Safety responsibilities. It applies to all people at work, whether employer, employee or self-employed. If you are an employer you must safeguard the health, safety and welfare of people working for you. You must also consider the health and safety of people who are not in your employment, e.g. customers, visitors, contractors, etc., but who might be affected by your actions or omissions.

Health & Safety Enforcement

Local Authority Environmental Health Officers (EHO's) have an active role in ensuring that workplaces throughout the Borough which fall under their control, are safe and without risk to health. EHO's carry out programmed inspections of workplaces to help and advise businesses of their health and safety responsibilities. Inspections are targeted so that premises likely to pose greater risks are inspected more frequently. If breaches of health and safety law are found, we will attempt to resolve the situation through informal action, but if this is not possible, or where there are serious contraventions of the law, formal action is likely to be taken.

As well as carrying out routine inspections, EHO's also investigate complaints about workplaces from employees and members of the public.

The Reporting of Accidents

As an employer or self employed person, did you know that many accidents and cases of ill health are required by Government regulations to be reported? Many of these are investigated to find out what caused them so that any underlying health or safety problem can be put right.

See Section 5 for details of the types of accidents that should be reported and the reporting procedure.

Who to Contact

Under Government regulations, responsibility for health and safety inspections is split between the Local Authority (EHO's) and the Health & Safety Executive Inspectors (HSE).

If you have a particular query or complaint about your workplace you will need to contact the appropriate agency.

The Local Authority have responsibility for ensuring that good Health and Safety standards are maintained in the following premises:-

  • Offices
  • Retail & wholesale shops (this includes cash and carry, market stalls, shoe repairers, coin-operated laundrettes , garden centres)
  • Tyre and exhaust fitters
  • Restaurants, takeaway food shops, mobile snack bars and catering services
  • Residential Accommodation, Elderly Persons and Children's Homes.
  • Hotels (this includes pubs, cafes, guesthouses, hostels, residential homes)
  • Wholesale or retail warehouses
  • Leisure and entertainment facilities (this includes nightclubs, sports facilities, health clubs, swimming pools, riding schools)
  • Exhibitions
  • Places of religious worship and undertakers
  • Therapeutic and beauty services (this includes solariums, tattooing, skin and body piercing, hairdressing)
  • Animal care (this includes kennels and catteries)

For further information and advice you should contact the Health and Safety Section.

Examples of the type of premises that the Health and Safety Executive are responsible for include;

  • Motor Vehicle Repair
  • Construction Sites
  • Fairgrounds
  • Quarries
  • Agricultural Activities
  • Railway Premises
  • Hospitals, Dentists, Physiotherapists, etc.
  • Manufacturing sites

The Health and Safety Executive can be contacted using one of the following methods:-

Telephone Number 0161 952 8200 Fax Number 0161 952 8222 Link to External Website

Alternatively, you can write to:-

Postal Address Health & Safety Executive, Grove House, Skerton Road, Manchester, M16 ORB

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