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Health and Safety

Safety Policy

Now that you have completed your risk assessment, it is time to look at preparing your safety policy.

What is a Health and Safety policy?

In simple terms it is a record of the arrangements you have in place to manage Health and Safety. It shows who does what; and when and how they do it

I only employ a small number of people. Do I still need to prepare a Health & Safety policy?

It is good practice to record all of your health and safety rules in the form of a policy document. However, you are not obliged to write a policy unless you employ five or more people.

How do I decide who should do what?

Don't forget that the purpose of the policy is to identify who is responsible for ensuring that health and safety matters are attended to and to explain what arrangements are in place to ensure everybody's safety and well-being.

You, as an employer, have the ultimate responsibility for health and safety, but you can delegate many day-to-day tasks.

This part of your policy should show the organisational responsibilities within the different areas of your business.

Once I have written my policy can I just forget all about it?

Definitely not! Writing a health and safety policy is more than just a legal requirement - it is your commitment to planning and managing health and safety within your business. It is the key to achieving acceptable standards, reducing accidents and cases of work related ill health. It shows your employees that you care for their health and safety.

Don't forget that you still need to review your policy regularly (at least annually) - you may have to consider new equipment and you may have experienced operational or organisation changes.

Remember: what you write in the policy has to be put into practice. The true test of a health and safety policy is the actual conditions in the workplace, not how well the statement is written.

You can use the format that follows and just fill in your unique details. Keep this in your workplace and ensure that all employees have seen the policy. Consider giving each employee an individual copy of the policy or have some system in place that records that they have seen and understood the policy. It is also important to consult and involve staff so that they feel that they have contributed to the policy and have a sense of ownership of it.

Health and Safety Policy (128KB) Adobe Acrobat Format


  • Do we have a health and safety policy?
  • Is it up to date and relevant?
  • Do we all know our health and safety responsibilities?
  • Are we all adequately trained to be able to work safely?
  • Do we all know the risks and the control measures in place to reduce the risks?
  • Is everyone in the workplace involved in hazard spotting and problem solving?
  • Is there sufficient written information and advice on health and safety?
  • Is it available to everyone in the workplace?
  • Do we have a health and safety plan with realistic objectives and standards?
  • What checks are made to ensure compliance with standards?
  • Are accidents/incidents thoroughly investigated?
  • Is the information from checklists etc. used?
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