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Safety in...

Retail Premises

The following details highlight some of the hazards and risks that may exist in retail premises and the steps you can take to prevent accidents. This list can be used as a starting point in assisting you to complete a risk assessment.


  • Incorrectly stacked goods may fall injuring staff below and overloading shelves/racks may lead to collapse.
  • Persons climbing on racking to retrieve goods may fall and injure themselves.

Managing the risk:

  • Racking should be capable of supporting intended loads and be properly fixed (e.g. bolted to the floor)
  • Goods should be properly stacked with heaviest items at the bottom.
  • Provide proper safety ladders and training on their use.
  • Provide proper step-ladders to reach anything not accessible from the ground.

Manual Handling

Lifting and moving stock may cause back injury or muscular strain

Managing the risk:

  • Avoid lifting items which are too heavy - use trolleys, lifts or other devices where possible.
  • Train staff in proper lifting techniques.

Machinery and Equipment

  • Persons working at compactors can become trapped and crushed.
  • Faulty shopping trolleys can cause collisions or muscular strains, and selection of the wrong trolley may lead to over-turning injuring users or others.

Managing the risk:

  • Ensure machinery is regularly checked, all safety devices are working and that staff are trained to use it properly.
  • Regularly inspect trolleys and take damaged trolleys out of use.
  • Where necessary provide user advice on proper trolley selection.

Hazardous Substances

Some items of stock and chemicals used for cleaning can be harmful.

Managing the risk:

  • Store all hazardous chemicals in original containers.
  • Provide staff with training, gloves, etc. to enable cleaning chemicals to be used safely.


Obstructed exit routes, for example by stock and/or accumulations of packaging, can prevent escape and provide fuel for fires.

Managing the risk:

  • Keep all escape routes and fire exits clear, and make regular checks to ensure this is the case.
  • Clear rubbish regularly.

Slips, Trips and Falls

Uneven slippery or obstructed floor surfaces or trailing cables may lead to accidents or injury.

Managing the risk:

  • Keep passageways, delivery areas and stairs clear.
  • Clear up spillages immediately and display warnings of wet surfaces.
  • Fasten cables securely to the floor or re-route overhead if possible.

General Access/Egress

  • Glass doors, particularly automatic doors can trap or injure customers.
  • Badly designed and maintained car park surfaces may cause trolleys to overturn or run out of control.

Managing the risk:

  • Mark or highlight glass door surfaces and post warnings if doors revolve or are automatic.
  • Regularly check car park and pavement surfaces and provide ramps and crossing points where possible.

Violence to Staff

Robbery of goods or cash may place staff at risk of violence.

Managing the risk:

  • Consider the use of CCTV, panic alarms and other security measures.
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