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Legal Advice

If you are arrested - Keep Calm

  • You must give your correct name and address
  • You will be searched and your possessions listed
  • Ask to keep a pen, paper and a watch - you will be able to keep a note of what happens to you whilst in custody.

The Law states that:-

  • you can be held uncharged for up to 24 hours in the first instance
  • you have the right to a free solicitor
  • you have the right to notify someone as to your whereabouts
  • you have the right to a phone call
  • you have the right to see the PACE codes of practice, which details your rights - read them

Until you see a Solicitor

  • do not answer any police questions
  • do not make or sign any written statement
  • do not admit to any charge

Accepting a Caution

  • If you accept a formal caution this means you accept having committed an offence and a permanent criminal record will be stored against your name
  • Always check with a solicitor first