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Library Makeover Service

Library Makeover Service


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A school library makeover will transform an old, tired, uninspiring library into a revitalised, colourful, fun and inspiring room/area, where children will be inspired. Makeovers are tailored to meet the school requirements. Staff will work closely with the library co-ordinator to develop a bespoke action plan.
Services available as followed:
  • Alphabetical letters will be attached to each spine so that children will know where to find their favourite author, but also will know where to shelve them on returning them. 
  • A non-fiction colour code and number system will be labelled to each book, again, so that the children can find their favourite nonfiction topic.
  • All old, torn and outdated books will be removed, and stock gaps will be noted so that schools know what they need to purchase in order for their library to be fulfilled. 
  • Inserts and signs will be provided to give the library structure and direction. 
  • Walls and doors can be decorated to suit the schools choice.
  • Shelving and furniture can be changed or removed, if not needed, to create more space and develop a new shape to the library.
  • Help with setting up a simplified book issuing system e.g. paper copy
  • Help with cataloguing existing computerised systems e.g. Reading Cloud

Library     Library

“Tameside library service have done a great job
making this space more welcoming,
spacious and organised”.

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