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Application for a Private Hire Operators Licence

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How to Apply

A Private Hire Operators Licence is required in order to be able to accept bookings for Private Hire Vehicles. If you are a vehicle proprietor you may work for any existing Operator. However, if you wish to apply for your own licence to operate from premises which will be used as a booking office, you need to obtain Planning Permission from the Council's Planning Department allowing use of the building.

A Certificate of Public Liability Insurance is required where the public have access to the premises i.e. waiting room etc. However, where no public access or waiting facilities are provided or if you wish to operate your own vehicle from home, this insurance is not necessary.

Anyone applying for an Operators Licence who is not currently a vehicle proprietor or licensed Private Hire Driver needs to have a Statutory Declaration form completed by a Solicitor.

Step 1

Print the licence form (0.06MB) onto ordinary white A4 paper and complete in black ink using Capital Letters.

Step 2

Return form in person to Licensing Office. You should also bring the following items:

  • Statutory Declaration (if applicable)
  • Certificate of Public Liability Insurance (if applicable)
  • Copy of Planning Permission
  • Appropriate Fee

Applications will not be accepted without production of the above.

We look forward to receiving your application and if you have any difficulty with any of the forms or have any questions, please contact the Licensing Office.

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