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Help and Advice for Single Parents


Being a single parent brings its own difficulties

Are you a single parent or about to become a single parent?

In Britain today, 23% of children and young people live in a one parent family so you aren't alone. There are a number of organisations around that can offer advice and support to lone parents.  In addition to this the government has launched a number of initiatives to help lone parents.

Childcare in Tameside

Becoming a single parent may mean that you need help with childcare. Tameside Children's Information Service provides objective, impartial information about all aspects of childcare.  Their extensive range of information covers playgroups, day nurseries and childminders. The Children's Information Service can give you advice and help you make an informed choice about the childcare that will suit you and your child.

View more information on Childcare.

If you need help with childcare costs because you are going out to work you may be entitled to claim Tax Credits. This is claimed through HM Revenue and Customs, for further information visit Link to External Website

Am I entitled to any benefits?

Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit

Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit have replaced Working Families' Tax Credit, Disabled Person's Tax Credit and Children's Tax Credit.

For more information about Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit visit Link to External Website

Child Support Agency

The Child Support Agency is part of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). They are responsible for running the child support system. Their business is to assess, collect and pay child support maintenance, ensuring that parents who live apart meet their financial responsibilities to their children.

For more information Link to External Website

Council Tax Benefit

You can claim Council Tax Benefit if:-

  • you are on Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance
  • you are on a low income (this includes people who are self employed)

You cannot get Council Tax Benefit if:-

  • you, or your partner between you, have more than £16,000 in savings

More information about Council Tax Benefit.

Mother and childCouncil Tax Single Person Discount

The full Council Tax bill assumes that there are two adults living in a property. If only one adult lives in the property (as their main home) the bill may be reduced by 25%.

More information about Single Persons Discount.

Where can I meet other single parents?

To meet other parents in your area and give your child the opportunity to socialise with other children you could try your local Toddler group.

More information on Toddler Groups.

Gingerbread is an organisation that aims to put single parents in touch with others in a similar situation. For details of local Gingerbread groups in this area telephone 0800 018 4318 or visit Link to External Website