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Opportunities specifically for Children & Young People to get involved:

Co-production Advisory Group

This register is being developed to contain details of young people or parents/carers of a child / young person who has a special educational need or disability who have stated a particular area of interest in a service. 
The council can then contact interested children or young people from the register to form a group when a service is being designed or recommissioned. 
The advisory group is not limited to having a formal meeting, but instead may participate in a visit, structured conversation or complete a survey. If you would like to be added to the register forward a scan or picture of the completed registration form Co production advisory group register or email for more information.

Children in Care Council

The fortnightly CICC meetings are co-ordinated by a Participation Officer and give young people aged 11 – 16 an opportunity to have a say about the things that really matter in their lives - helping to shape the plan for cared for children and young people. For more details contact:

Youth Council

Tameside Youth Council provides the opportunity for young people from across Tameside to influence local decision makers on the issues that they consider important.  Youth Councillors from across the Borough act as the voices of local young people.

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