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Health and Wellbeing


Welcome to the local offer’s information on Health and Wellbeing services for children and young people.  There are a number of services designed specifically to support children and young people.  If you are worried about the health and wellbeing of your child, you can speak to your early years setting, children’s centre staff, school staff, health visitor or school nurse or you can call the Early Help Access Point.

Your health and wellbeing is really important… on these pages you can find out about all the services to support you around health and emotional wellbeing, whether that may be a service you are looking for or information on a topic.
If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

There is a useful search engine on the Tameside Hospital website if you are looking for a hospital service Search here

If you are a young person, parent/carer
of a young person, who has moved from
child to adult healthcare services, and
would like to take part in a group
discussion, or fill in an online survey to
share your experiences to help future
patients, please contact us by post,
phone or email:

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