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Where In The World? - Online Game

Travelling The World With The Manchester Regiment

Today we visit foreign countries to go on holiday for enjoyment. However, for many soldiers and their families over the past 250 years it was a very different experience.

The hot climates, disease, lack of medical knowledge and poor living conditions meant that the mortality rate for soldiers was higher than in England. More soldiers died from disease than from fighting in battles.

Not everyone had the same experience. Some soldiers and their families thoroughly enjoyed their times stationed abroad, depending on when they were overseas. It was serving abroad that sometimes led to soldiers and their families performing the most extraordinary acts of bravery and courage.

This activity looks at some of the places we go on holiday to today that were previous generations overseas postings for men, women and children of the Manchester Regiment.

How to Play

  1. Read the clue about a country.
  2. Look at the images for each country, and pick the one you think is correct.
  3. If you're unsure of the country each image represents, you can hover over the image with your cursor for a description.
  4. Click on the image, and you will either be given a message saying you have guessed correctly or incorrectly.
  5. If given a message saying you are incorrect, try again.
  6. If you've guessed correctly, you will be given an interesting fact about the Manchester Regiment in that country and move onto the next clue.

Bootsie, a character of a boot with a face
Click on Bootsy to Start the Game