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Where In The World? - Clue 1

Map of the World

Clue: Home of the Emu and Kangaroo

Pick your answer from the images below:

Image of a maple leaf representing Canada Image of the Eiffel Tower representing France  Image of a Kangaroo representing Australia  Image of an asian lady with a headress on representing Thailand  Image of a Kiwi Bird representing New Zealand  Image of the Statue of Liberty representing the United States of America  Image of a sandy beach and a sunset representing Minorca  Image of the Sphinx and a pyramid representing Egypt  Image of an Elephant representing South Africa  Image of a harp with clover leaves representing Ireland  Image of the Taj Mahal representing India  Image of a coin saying 'Bundersrepublik Deutschland' representing Germany  Image of a Turkey representing Turkey  Image of a Melon representing the West Indies  Image of the Maltese Cross representing Malta