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Museum of the Manchester Regiment

"Stitch in Time": An exhibition of community needlework

Part of a regimental 'Colour'Tameside's Stitch in Time group flew the flag for community needlework from June 30 to December 17, 2011, by trooping their own colour at the Museum of the Manchester Regiment in Ashton-under-Lyne Town Hall.

Inspired by the many regimental colours in the museum's collection – as well as embroidery and needlework done by troops – the members created their own standard which formed the centrepiece of the exhibition.

In the same way that a military colour embodies the history and traditions of a regiment, the Stitch in Time equivalent reflects Tameside’s long heritage.

Members were asked to choose something that made them feel proud about Tameside. This resulted in a variety of items depicting things like the Black Knight, maps, mills and poppies.Sttich in Time Exhibition

Stitch in Time, which meets twice monthly, is as much a social group as a stitching community. Members gather to relax, chat, meet people and have an enjoyable time. There is a male participant, Dan Park, and even an Australian member - an ex-Tamesider who read about the group in an international Cross Stitch magazine and sent her contribution by post.

Cllr Jackie Lane, Tameside Council’s Assistant Executive Member for Heritage and Tourism, said: “The exhibition has given all the members a chance to contribute no matter what their level of skill, and it has made everybody justifiably proud. Creating the colour has been a great way to show off the many talents found within the group.